Tuesday, November 08, 2011

a tale of two poop[face]s

DK was asking me the other day why I called little d and kevs "poopface".
Out of affection, of course. But also for some pretty key reasons. You see, sometime between this:
 And this:
 Our little Kevs was learning [at about 3 or 4 weeks if I remember correctly?] how to use the litterbox. So, as soon as mama Lucy headed to do her business, I picked up all four kittens and took them over to watch their mama and hopefully learn from her example. No sooner had I put the kittens near the Box when I heard a little cry from our Kevs... he was immediately under the spot where Lucy was pooping and had a headful of poop!!! I was mortified but eventually cleaned him up [I'd love to say that was the only time that happened, but I think all kittens were pooped on at some point or another... and you wonder why we never kept that stray mama Lucy :)]
It's exhausting being little poopfaces :) Kevin, Kevs twin PP, Des, and Papi. 
Also we had no AC in the dead of summer.
Flash forward three years:
 Oh yeah, living the high life in one of his favorite nap spots!
Then Sunday night I came home to this:
Nice. Great teaching, dad. [and grandpa and DK]. Life skills, right?
I know you wanna see video so here goes:
Also... I am the sole cleaner [minus 9 months where the duty fell to Mr. D] of the Kevs' poop.
And primary de-pooper of little d.
So I clean a lot of poop. I can call anyone poopface that I want. :)


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Hahahahah! Omg that video was adorable! He is getting so big!

Have Your Way said...


Sarah said...

LOL oh my gosh i can totally see dk teaching little d how to do that...ridiculous. <3

anna. said...

aww. i miss these guys.

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