Friday, October 21, 2011

taking care of all those wild animals set loose in ohio

Not to worry, Jack Hanna. While you were off working in Texas, little D took care of all those wild cats, bears, and tigers let loose by that crazy man just an hour from here. Little d was just as mad as Jungle Jack about the whole situation, so he decided he had to help.
First he caught a couple of bears... made sure they knew who was boss.
Mostly by showing off his scary teeth.
Then we went on to the tigers and caught one... but he was worried it might already be dying!
Phew! What a relief to find not one, but TWO live, healthy tigers!

Jack Hanna would be proud. Now onto the wrangling of the fiercest of wild animals... the panther.
First you have to outsmart him. Give him a hard math problem to think about, like Algebra. "x + y =?"
Good. He's stunned.
 Quick, grab him by the teeth!
 Great. Now that you have his trust, make him follow you to the safety of the woods so he can be free.
 Perfect job, little d! 
He saved a panther, two tigers, and a half dozen bears from the wily traps of the crazy Ohioans.
Editor's note: No animals or small children were harmed in the making of this [blog] story ... 
the Kevs only pretend bites and has never actually hurt little d, or baby d for that matter :)


Have Your Way said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA that was so great. I think you should send that to Jack Hanna and let him know that baby d helped ;)

love and miss you both!!

Eric and Andrea said...

First off you could be a comic book writer. I love reading your posts. And second I think Jack Hannah is the most attractive man out there. Just saying.

Sarah said...

hahahahhaa poor little d looked so concerned!! <3 <3 kev's tiger costume. and the tree from the library! <3 <3 <3

Missy said...

Once again, your son is so freaking cute! I love his smile!

anna. said...

rawr <3

anna. said...

aww...MEW? no no no no BALL no noooooo. rawr!

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