Saturday, October 08, 2011

[half-marathoning] SURAHHHHHH and happy birthday to BIG MIKE!!!

First off... Happy Birthday to my FiL, BIG MIKE!! 
We are still trying to get him and the MiL on board with being called and Uuki and Moomo, respectively [Finnish terms for Gma and Gpa, which I think are so so cute!].
No idea how old you are, BUT you're old enough to be a [young] grandpa and how awesome is that?! 
We love and miss you and hope to see you soon!
On another note... I am so so blessed to have two of the most gorgeous and awesome sisters on the PLANET. I get to hang out with Bananas all weekend and my baby sister Sarah [but we all call her Surah] is running her VERY FIRST HALF MARATHON SATURDAY MORNING!!!!

While I SO wish I could be there to run the whole thing with her [ok, maybe just to race her the last mile!], at least I can give her a shout out and send some love her way [that would be westward, in Utah!]

GO WISH HER GOOD LUCK!!! On her Facebook or her blog!!!! :)


Sarah said...

eeeeek you are SO SWEET! Thanks so sosososo much (: wish you were hereeeee!

anna. said...

just love ( :

taryn said...

such a darling picture of Big Mike and little D!

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