Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Fitness Recap #1

Well, I have a confession to make: for the last two months of trying it out on my own, I have realized I am TERRIBLE at working out at home, probably because it fills me with anxiety and puts me in a panic, because, yes, I am that person who can't stand to have her 60 minute workout cut short by any more than 5 minutes. I confess... I am a complete and total GYM RAT. Something I am sure I picked up from all those months of constant unexpected interruptions at home from a little bug :)

So, even with a treadmill at my parent's house, the BOB, and a plethora of workout DVD's, I worked out maybe a total of 12 times in the last two months... this coming from the girl who thinks any less than 5-6 days working out in a week makes one weak. Bible. And SO lame of me.

Thank goodness I got a job at the local gym this past week, I think the combination of a new 24-HOUR gym to attend, the option of child care [I don't love to use it, since I sometimes have to take little d to work with me anyways, but it is there], and a few fun new classes gave me a certain spark and pizzazz to my workout this past week. I think the week before last I had two workouts: both were runs [with the BOB and little d in tow] to the library and back [3 miles, big time to be sure lol]. I think it is safe to say that with the parties behind me for the next month, I am ready to tackle the next month with some healthier eating [no more oreo "dirt"!] and better workouts.

This past week's recap:
Monday: 60 mins elliptical
Tuesday: 2 mile run, 40 mins free weights, leaf raking during every TBL commercial break [yeah.. that's a 2 hour show!]
Wednesday: Hothouse Yoga for 60 minutes. Oh, how I LOVE hot yoga!
Thursday: 55 mins elliptical [yeah, it drives me crazy I was shy 5 minutes but I had to get home in time to watch the office with Mr. D!]
Friday: 30 mins cybex machine [first time!] and 30 mins rotating stairs
Saturday and Sunday: off [my feet have been KILLING me this week from standing all the time for work!]

Before the last two months I have never really had a problem being motivated to work out [um hello because I love it], but eating without being extreme [oreos followed by a handful of carrots, out of guilt] is something I am working on. Balance. If I want to hit one of my major DZ [secret] goals in the next 30 days, I need to find that balance. Sort of how you can be on the Biggest Loser, workout 6+ hours a day, and still manage to gain 5 pounds in a week. It's all about the math and it HAS to be balanced or you will gain weight [like I did] even if you are still working out. It's not a big deal, I am not stressing over it, but after I hit my target weight and stopped nursing, I gained weight [even though I was still working out!] because I continue[d] to eat the same, even though I was not still burning the extra 300 cals a days. Lesson learned, Mother Nature.

Something I learned from one of my favorite books, as a general rule of thumb, is that whatever weight you don't lose from #1 by the time you get preggo with #2 is your offical "new" pre-pregnancy weight. Augh. Don't want that. You pack on 5 extra pounds with each kid and 4 kids later... well, that's just not the kind of thing I want to lug around. Nuff said.

Accountability. That's what it's all about, right? The key to motivation. Mostly, being accountable to myself. But also feeling the need to be accountable to someone else. The other nice thing about having a gym is having an accurate scale... I could finally weigh myself after months of speculation and [gasp] have 9 pounds to lose. Easier said than done. Now that my workouts are back on track [the running, however, is on pause until I can get my hands on a good pair of new running shoes so I don't get injured like I almost did pre-august half marathon], I am getting back to more water and produce this week to get that 9 down to at least an 8, 7 if I am lucky.

Sundays are always my day of evaluation and planning for the week ahead. Make it a great week or not.... the choice is yours :)


Have Your Way said...

I feel you sister!!! Except now, I dont feel well and my workouts this weekend have been NOTHING!! Boo!! We can do this though!! I know we can!!

Sarah said...

balance + accountability = KEY. hence daily mile (; looks like we both have some work to do being more accountable to each other!! ps with your birthday coming up, maybe it's time you stop into FrontRunner and ask for a new pair of running shoes... (:

anna. said...

hi. you don't need to lose any weight. ok thx bye.

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