Sunday, October 23, 2011

PetSmart Howl-o-ween, Year 4

This has been a family tradition ever since the Year of the Kevs [you know, when he was born]
2008: Year 1
2009: Year 2
2010: Year 3
Oh. Em. Gee. I even splurged this year and bought the $5 picture they take because even with my mad camera skills I got nothing remotely close to as good as this money shot [with my dad and DK]:
Calvin and Hobbes, round 2! I know I should have been more original than reusing costumes from last year, but little d did have the perfect look for Calvin [and he actually had hair this year, unlike last!].
 No prizes won this year, but an ensemble of sesame street [complete with Oscar the Grouch in a trash can!] took the win, with the Incredible Hulk [huge dog food colored green wearing shorts!] taking second and a Jack Sparrow taking third. All dogs of course. :) I would have taken pictures of the victors but our hands were a little full. Kevs was a good sport as usual, so we let him stay home and Wausau bear took his place in the Ward halloween party:
 Little d went to business with the trunk or treating and made out with some serious loot... including his first lollipop and a stash of M&M's [long gone now]. After a crazy day, we all went home happy...


Have Your Way said...

I feel like the pic of Kev with baby d, DK, and your dad that Kev looks incredibly sad or something! hahah

Baby D is so cute!!! Love his little do!

anna. said...

LOVE IT!! happy halloween ( :

Sarah said...

LOVEEEEe his hair!! lovelovelove

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