Friday, October 14, 2011

meeting miss allie

I "met" Allie via her blog earlier this year, and when I found out she lived in Ohio, I knew we would be destined to meet. Then she won my giveaway and I made it my goal to somehow give her the prize in person. Today we FINALLY got to meet and she is just as CUTE and SWEET as can be. She even drove 2 hours EACH WAY to come meet up with little d and I at the mall for a bite to eat. We had a great time and she was so so patient with little d, even if she realized the sad truth that each good picture of him takes about a dozen terrible ones...
Ahhh what a cute pic. 
And little d even decided to show his bunny teeth for the first time ever on camera 
[I think we have Allie to thank for that!].
 What a great couple of hours to spend together! Who says you can't find friends on the internet?
Thanks for the fun afternoon, Allie! Hopefully we can do it again real soon!


Have Your Way said...

Ahhh So cute!!!!

Can we PLEASE meet up and hang out again soon?! I LOVED our afternoon yesterday!!!

ashley & sundance said...

I love internet/blogger friends!

seriously! my life is so much better since I've met such wonderful girls through blogging! :)

anna. said...

hah...remember when i almost went to college in toledo?

Sarah said...


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