Monday, October 10, 2011

DZ #87: sell everything we own

It should come as no surprise that in order to fit the entire lives of two adults [and two quarter pints] into two compact cars there would need to be some sacrifices.... kind of like the pioneers of old who sang as they walked and walked and walked.... minus all the walking. But we did have to get rid of a lot of stuff.  Lets just say that whenever we do move out of my parents' home, just about all we will have in the kitchen is a food processor [can't live without that!], a bit of pyrex and baking trays, one pot and one pan. Talk about roughing it!

We initially hoped we could sell a bunch of stuff, and we sold a few of our "big ticket" items [like $10 for that awesome couch of ours woo hoo!], but when push came to shove and we were racing against the clock, most of our too large baby things [sorry, baby-gear-I-bought-gender-neutral-so-we-could-have-it-forever] and appliances [our kitchen suffered most of all] ended up donated to friends, family, or trashed.
And then... there was the BOB issue. We already had a snap-and-go stroller we were planning on using in the airport so we could keep the car seat with us [and carry along the Kevs, hidden with his nasty abscess]. There was certainly no room in the car for the BOB, so it had to go [tearfully, but out of necessity] to REI, with the hopes that we could get in store credit and re-purchase it in Ohio. Even better, REI gave us all the money back on the BOB, no questions asked. Unfortunately there are no REI's in Ohio. Bummer.

So for the last six weeks or so, I have been BOB-less, which I never thought would be that big of a deal. Unfortunately, the weather out here has been SO unbelievably PERFECT that being outside everyday is pretty much part of the morning, afternoon and evening routine. It's what we do. I was going through some serious BOB-withdrawals, complete with irritability and an eye-twitch. And while my cousin so lovingly let me borrow a BabyJogger [fixed wheel, I might add], it was simply not the same. I complained about it probably much more than I should have, and as a result, Mr. D has been spending a lot of time the last few weeks finding a good deal, the biggest issue being that we are job and income-less, and they don't really sell the older versions of the BOB anymore... we would have to upgrade and the 2011's are about $80+ more expensive.

Thankfully I HAVE THE BEST HUSBAND on the planet who finally gave in to my whining, crying, pleading, moping and overall craziness and bought me a BOB online that should be getting to my house early next week. To say I am excited, thrilled, about-to-pee-my-pants SUPER HAPPY is beyond a doubt an understatement. I can't WAIT to get little D (and the kevs!) back into the BOB where they belong!! [Thank you thank you thank you x a million to Mr. D!!!!!! I love you more than I can even tell you!!!] Also, speaking of awesome things that will be making their way to my Ohio home, I got this in my email today....
BOO YEAH. I've been on the waiting list for this sucker for 367 days. No joke. I love you PBS. What to Expect the Second Year, I am sorry to say you have just been bumped to #2 on the naptime reading list.

So, there you have it. I may have a crapped out computer that only works with my sister's charger, a battery that refuses to charge, and a camera that is still somewhere in the department of Kodak repairs, but at least when I get home I can go for a run with my boys... Mr. D, little d, BOB... and the Kevs if he so desires.


Rachelle Wardle said...

Yay for your new BOB!! That is great news.

Sarah said...

bobobobobob <3

Missy said...

Oh I have that book and the series is really good!

anna. said...

haha. i was going to type exactly what surrah did.

just miss you and just miss you sometimes <3

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