Sunday, October 16, 2011

DZ #59: Weekend getaway with my husband

Mr. D looked me square in the eye Friday night and asked me if I wanted to go to Pittsburgh the next day. My biggest concerns were 1) What to do with little d, and 2) What on earth would we do there [please say it wasn't to drag me along to job interviews]. When he told me Utah was playing Pitt and we could have a chance to see some of the Whittinghams, I was ecstatic. For those of you who don't know, Mr. D's uncle is Kyle Whittingham, coach of the Utah Utes and Jamie is his wife. So that would be why, for those of you who know us and that we both went to BYU [and Mr. D worked there for three years], we root for "our" Utes. :) I hadn't seen Jamie [or any of the Whit's] in two months, and what an exciting thing to get away for a day, just the two of us! Within 30 minutes we had tickets [thanks to Jamie of course!] and my parents were set to watch little d for the day and take him to his first trip to the pumpkin farm [post on that forthcoming].

I know this should have been a weekend getaway with my Mr. D, but having been away from the Bug a huge chunk of last week, I wasn't too keen on being gone longer than a day. Plus, it would have cost too much money to hole up in a hotel :) We left Saturday morning at about 7:45 and got into Pittsburgh [Steeler's] Heinz Stadium before gametime. I love road trips with Mr. D. Spending those couple of house alone on the road together made me feel like a newlywed all over again [except thank goodness we weren't driving across the country!] Here we are at the stadium, just in the nick of time, pre-game.
Little known fact? I was born in Pittsburgh, PA! So was Bananas. You know what we're known for??
 Ketchup. Awesome. Those bottles were open before the game and then closed once game started.
My favorite pic of the whole trip [quite a challenging picture since the wind was so crazy!] with Jamie!
 It was freezing but we braved the wind and kept taking more pictures, making me feel like Surah....
[hey I was excited to have my camera back!]
We went during halftime in search for some hot cocoa because it was FREEZING and can you believe it?! THERE WAS NO COCOA anywhere!! Talk about lame.
 The Pittsburgh skyline. The photo was a little dark but I just loved how the silhouette looked. Perfect.
 It was a nerve wracking game, but the last few minutes Utah sealed the deal with two incredible interceptions and a 26-14 win. I seriously don't know how Jamie deals with that kind of stress every week... she's superwoman in my eyes! Thanks again Jamie for the awesome second row seats by you and letting us talk your ear off the whole game :)
 Utes celebrating their win after the game [to a completely emptied stadium! Sore losers...]
 And did I mention Jamie's son [and Mr. D's cousin] Alex is going to New Zealand later this month on a mission?! Crazy. I swear he's younger than me but I think he could pass as older than Mr. D! Today is his missionary "farwell" and hopefully everything went well back in Utah. He leaves the 26th of this month. We will miss him for two years but hope he will have a fabulous time, share the gospel with a lot of cute girls, get very tan, and enjoy the yummy food there! [because what more could a teenage boy ask for?]
After a few hours of family time, we said our goodbyes and headed back to the car... but not before getting a picture at PNC Park. Can you tell who the better photog is in the family? Mr. D's attempt:
And mine:
I think we can all agree the second picture is much better :) Love you, Mr. D! Thanks for the fun little getaway! And in case you were wondering... I got my hot cocoa after all!


Have Your Way said...

whoo looks like a great time!

Missy said...

Yay for a weekend away! I'm sure it was well-needed. Looks like you had a blast!

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Yay! That looks like so much fun! AND yay for DZP goals!

anna. said...

pittsburgh!! that skyline picture is awesome.

Melissa Kent said...

I'm so sad I couldn't come to this game, I would have loved to see you guys! You look so cute, I am loving your hair (as always).

cassidy Merrill said...

I miss you sooooo much! Please come back! Your hair looks great by the way and I was happy to see you got to get away! How fun! Love you

Jamie Whittingham said...

Thanks for including us in your blog and it was so fun seeing you both. Alex's farewell was good, he did a great job. Hope we play your way again soon!
Love ya!!

Sarah said...

that skyline picture is the also, you two are SUCH a gorgeous couple. you still look like newlyweds in that first picture (: wahoooo dzp!!

theWife said...

I love all of these pictures... especially the one of you and Mr. D in front of the skyline. But really, you look gorgeous in all of the photos! It looks like you had a great time.

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