Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DZ #21: Visit Anna in WI... AKA the mommy-cation

Well, I just got back from a few TOTALLY AWESOME 
and super surprising days with my favorite 24-year old.
Days filled with doing things only awesome sisters do... like going to GameStop...
Going on a ski lift for the second time in my life
[try to forget I lived in Utah for 7 years, or that could be really sad]
with half the WAOW Channel 9 crew...
 And checked out some "peak colors of the season" while running up and down--
 --where else? Rib Mountain. Same mountain we took a ski lift up. Funny thing is, with the ski lift, or "Fall Ride" wait, it took us less time to run it for free than to pay the $8 to ride up the mountain. :) But it was totally worth the $8 because I got to do it with my sister. Seriously, the view of Wausau was redic.
I love this girl.

Ok, now that I have been home sweet home for a few hours I am still a little hesitant to talk about this "mommy-cation" topic because I know it is a little bit controversial. I mean, what good mommy in her right mind would ever want to be apart from her child?? Back when I was working full time, I could barely manage two hours apart from him to watch a movie with Mr. D, much less plan a day [or five!] away from that cute baby.

Things are a little different now [for the better of course!] and while I love being mommy 24/7, it is a bit.... 24/7. I am not drowning in guilt anymore [which was really taking a toll on me while working FT] and while  taking a babyless vacation wasn't on my DZ list... visiting Bananas in WI was. And with Mr. D at home [still job-searching], my parents available to help in the same house, and snow looming just around the corner, I decided last Tuesday that this past weekend would be the best time for me to go. So with the 11 hour drive in the back of my mind, I tentatively planned for three days of visiting to balance out/break up the two days of driving. Oh, also it was a surprise, so I had to get in contact with one of Bananas' friends/coworkers to make sure she would actually be at home and not jet-setting to Madison or something for the weekend.
So three days into my five day mommy MIA, how was I enjoying my mommy-cation? It was a little... bittersweet.
The sweet: It was so wonderful to visit Bananas, especially by myself where I have the freedom to impromptu, schedule-less, sisterly whatever-we-feel-like-doing, whenever we feel like doing it. I got to hang out with my little sister for much more quality time than we have had since little d was born. I have gone to bed late, slept in till I woke up on my own [can't remember the last time that has happened], had hours of quiet "me" time, got 8 hours of sleep a night, did a lot of reading and a whole lot of thinking [especially on that 11 hour drive up there and back!].
The bitter: I seriously had no idea that I would be missing my little boy SO much. I mean, being apart from Mr. D is usually difficult, but I've done it a few times... and Mr. D is not quite even close to as dependent on me as little d is. I knew he was well taken care of, not seeing his face and holding him in my arms was hard. I did get to talk to him on the phone but it was a pretty caveman like conversation [on his part] where I tried eagerly to get him to say anything... and all I heard was "ball... dad... mamaaaah...duh. ball." Not much of a conversation, but it was so good to hear his voice. Man did I miss him. Coming home, he looked like a totally different child, like he was no longer my baby anymore. Those two top nubbins that were just starting to break through the gums? Officially teeth. I felt like I had missed an entire two months of his life instead of just five days. And my little daddy's boy? More clingy to his dad than ever :)

The verdict on a mommy-cation? It was a good idea. A GREAT idea. Perfect perhaps... but it was all about the timing. I really don't think at any other time in my life it will be as easy for me to just up and leave like I did to visit my sister [sorry, Surah!]. I came back SO rejuvenated and have had ample time to reflect on better wife-ing and mommy-ing practices... I seriously was so excited, more than ever before, to "get back to work." I'm glad I got to visit with my sister, but I don't think I can do the whole separation thing with little d again... unless Mr. D wants to take me on a cruise for a few days or something :)


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I think they are great ideas! They make you a better mommy. and it is so sweet to get back home as well!

Lindsey said...

Glad you had a fun trip! It must be so hard to be away from your guys, but I agree - sometimes it's good just to have a little vacation to rejuvenate!

Sarah said...

sounds like so much fun! and well-deserved. (: miss you and it's okay if you can't visit me - i'll be seeing you soon enough (at least i better!!)

anna. said...

come back soon ( :

<3 <3 <3

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