Thursday, October 20, 2011

15 months

Funny how much has happened in the last month. 
Little D went from toothless wonder to a jack-o-lantern.
He's still just as crazy as can be, rocking on his rocking horse and humming little songs to himself.
[though not at the same time.. because that would mean he is crazy or something]
 Little known fact: when I was little, every time someone would take a photo of me, I would put my hand[s] on my head. Nobody knew why. I love that my parents captured little d doing the same.
 We spend about 99% of little d's waking hours outside. We usually start out the day hitting wiffle balls in the backyard and eventually work our way to the front yard, playing with every size and style of ball along the way. And most days, even in the pouring rain like it's been lately, we go for walks. Or runs :) To the park, the library, the Kroger, everywhere and anywhere. And he has that goofy smile the whole time, saying "hi!" to every dog, squirrel, or person who crosses our path.
 Oh, and we got our BOB again. The 2011 this time. I'm pretty sure there is nothing else they can do to make it better, it is AWE.SOME. Can you tell we are so so excited?!?!
Funniest thing to me is that even though we have a cat of our own [and a very patient and loving one at that], little d insists on going to visit TC ["the cat"], our neighbor's cat [across the street], every time he sees her in their yard. He'll say "awww, mew??" and bend down to her level before he goes careening straight at her. And he gets VERY insulted if she ignores him. Like this pic... denied! I'm pretty sure she is the only cat on the planet that meows more than the Kevs.
Sleeping has been... interesting. We are still fluctuating between one [mostly on Sundays due to church from 9-noon] and two naps. Teething has brought with it inconsolable, ear-piercing screams from about 3 or 4 to 6am about once every 4 to 8 days. Not cool, but I know it's not his fault and try to make sure he is properly Orajeled and Tylenoled when I know he is teething. I think he is up to five and a half teeth now? Thanks to eliminating bottles, bedtime routine is much more efficient and he goes down to bed quicker at naptime and at night [8pm]. We're working our way through a cold so he wakes up caked in mucus, poor thing. TMI?
 Eating has been pretty fun this last month. Little d wants to do everything we do, which includes attempting to use my mascara and eyelash curler, but interestingly enough also means wanting to sit in a kitchen chair to eat his hummus and carrots, or PB&J, or raisins. That kid cannot get enough raisins ever. It still cracks me up that they look the same coming out as they do coming in :)
Mickey Mouse clubhouse songs [or just dancing in general], using "help" signs ALL THE TIME to the point that its making him lazy, volleyballing with balloons, screams of "ba-aaaall!" "more!" "no!" "yeah yeah", and overall hand gestures with "five little monkeys" "itsy bitsy spider" and "wheels on the bus" have made little d into quite an entertaining child to play with and really very pleasant to be around. I love that he tucks his stuffed puppy into the nook of his arm when he falls asleep snuggling in my arms, he sings when he wakes up [and before he goes to sleep... usually a song that goes "no no no baaaaaalll no no no noooo"] and MAN he is just so so stinking cute. I love this kid so much more with each passing day.
Happy 15 months, little bugaboo!!
Thanks for making my the happiest mommy there is!!


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Ugh I miss you guys

Stefanie D. said...

LOVE the cat picture. Seriously funny! Hooray for having teeth, but getting them in sucks big time! Caydence hasn't had a break from teething for the past month and a half. As soon as her teeth break through, she's got 2 more on their way in. It's insane. She almost has a full mouth of teeth! She even has two molars! But she is such a tough girl, half the time I don't even know she's cutting a tooth because she acts like normal! So is Kevs done with the cone of shame??

Sarah said...

oh my GOODNESS i miss you guys so much!!! he is SUCH an adorable jack-o-lantern. any thoughts on what he's going to be for halloween?? are you going to let him eat all his candy?? i can't wait to find out (: yummmm <3 <3 raisins! CUTEST NEPHEW EVER AWARD!

anna. said...

hands on head = adorable. please make him do that for all future photo ops.

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