Thursday, September 01, 2011

Mama Rica's 52nd Cumpleanos

Oh, wait, you forgot about the non-blonde side of little d's family??
3 of the 4 Carrera sisters (my mom is in the middle)
little D protecting himself because, as we all know, Cousin Faith likes to bite :)
 The kids playing.... while the moms did all the cooking :)

Am I not the most perfect photographer?? Art degree=mad skills right?

And this is probably one of my most favorite pictures of our family. My parents are really into GOOD photos, not candid ones, but I think you really can't beat a good candid shot that captures all that personality!!
The final group shot (we have yet to photoshop my sisters in on the left...)
 Probably the most monumental happening of the day? little d actually enjoyed himself to some cake and ice cream!! I am so so thrilled since as you know, he wasn't too keen on any sort of mess-making for his first birthday. I don't know, something about a boy making messes seems like it should come in his genes....


Rachelle Wardle said...

So glad you are getting so much family time in! Love all the pictures!

Can you txt me your sisters number when you get a chance.

Meredith said...

so cute! saw you on the shape of a mother today and loved it, thanks for posting. we're in the same boat skin wise;)

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

I want what Baby D is having!

anna. said...


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