Monday, September 05, 2011

First week in Ohio [sans Mr. D]

Before Mr. D arrived, little d and I were super busy doing all kinds of important mother-son things that must be done before dad completes the cross country drive. We knew he had to get right down to business: GRAETERS. Too bad little d knows too well that I give him the sample spoon for a reason... I'm probably the worst person ever to share dessert with. Sorry, kid.
Once we made it into town, my poor mother was appalled that child of mine didn't own pajamas. [or shoes for that matter...] So she volunteered to him some.... and when I look at little d I can't stop singing the theme song to the mickey mouse clubhouse :)
Then we went shoe shopping at Stride Rite [I still don't understand why Mr. D wouldn't let us fly out to England to get a proper shoe fitting] where that little stinker was perfectly content taking every shoe off the shelf... at least all the girl ones. Awesome. No worries, he got those cute blue ones he's wearing on the left [and not the pink ones he kept gesturing at me to try on].
Thanks for footing the bill, mom [dad]. But let's be honest, if WE had to pay for his shoes, this kid wouldn't be wearing any till he hit kindergarden. Those things are expensive for having to replace every two to three months!! Why do kids have to grow so darn fast??

The night Mr. D and my papa were coming into town, we colored with sidewalk chalk on the driveway. Or more appropriately, I drew and little d just ate a lot of chalk. And stomped around with his new shoes [it took about a week for him to stop stomping around awkwardly like Frankenstein when he walked].
 I guess I haven't been too vocal about his walking. Little d's been walking [or at least preferring it to crawling] since about 11 months, and got pretty good right around the year mark. Nowadays he's running laps around the house [much to the horror of poor Kevs, who is still in his cone FOR ANOTHER WEEK. oy. we let him out of that cone for two seconds and he has to scratch open his wound. gross, I know.]
stomp. stomp. stomp.


Have Your Way said...

baby d is a blessed little boy by his family that is for sure :)

i need a gym pass asap as well...just need a job or a subbing job or something.

happy labor day to you and the fam!

Eric and Andrea said...

Love it. In the picture of the driveway with your welcome home message, when it said "Love, Ruth, Dustin, etc" I said to myself... who's Dustin?? Haha, it took me a minute.

K. S. Powers said...

Super cute! Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse jammies? I bet Penny would have been just a little bit afraid of Dustin if he had been stomping around in big-boy shoes...

Cory Reese said...

Your driveway picture basically rules! What an awesome idea.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Okay, I miss you and Baby D way too much!! Where is your sis living? Is she going to be creeped out if I make her go get fro-yo with me? LOVE the sidewalk chalk!

anna. said...


also just love the pj pics ( :
(and graeters...duh)

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