Sunday, September 25, 2011

because i can't stand something negative at the top of my blogposts...

10 Reasons why September has been awesome:
1. FALL. Oh how I love fall!! The weather has been perfect and crisp and it makes me want to be outside all day.
2. Playing outside with little d [and usually Mr. D too!]... he is learning to dribble a ball, hit a ball of a tee [which he is pretty good at!], hit a ball with a golf club or tennis racket, or just kick a ball!
3. I love being around my parents and DK again. They are amazing [and quite the doting!] grandparents and uncle and little d loves them. Also, Brisley&co get home today from 2 weeks in Chile.. can't wait for more early morning playdates again!
4. My mom has been a GREAT help buying new outfits for little d, just as we were working our way through the last bits of clothes I got off of KSL 18 months ago.
5. Little d has a neverending supply of toys, old and new. See #3. Plus, my parents house has LOADS more space than we ever had in our 3 apartments combined. That allows for some serious nonstop entertainment and little d is never bored!
6. We saved nearly $1000 this month simply by not having to rent and pay utilities this month!! PLUS not having to pay for groceries is easily another $500 a month we are saving. A HUGE thank you to my parents. This has been such a blessing.
7. Kevins ear is almost fully healed, the hair the doc said "may never grow back" is almost half as long as the rest of his head and he is starting to venture outside again!! Good thing too, since halloween is just around the corner, and you know we have the PetSmart howloween party coming up :) ... see picture at the end of this post in case you forgot about last year!
8. Last night was the General Relief Society Conference. What an uplifting meeting, and a great way to get geared up for General Conference next weekend. If you have not read this talk, you should go and do it now. It was really perfect for me at this time in my life. President Uchtdorf is quite an inspired man.
9. Farmer's Markets!! In Ohio!! Who knew, right?? We have been to three of them around here and have found incredible stuff every week, not to mention some great samples :) I love that Mr. D has now found a little love for FM's since I have always loved going to them! He even told me the other day that when we move out we should budget a little money each week for farmer's markets!!! Oh, how I love that man.
10. I am still happily married to the sweetest, handsomest, smartest, most loving man in the world. And even though he's crazy sometimes, I have the sweetest, most gorgeous little baby in the world too! I am so so blessed!

BONUS: Office started this past week, Kendra starts today and Kardashian wedding the next two weeks... what more could I ask for, right?? Nothing to make me realize how little the problems in my life are than watching Kim complain about losing $75,000 earrings. :) And their fashion line? Gorgeous. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford a piece or two from the collection...
The only month I love just a tiny bit more than September? October!!


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I love fall too and finally got to watch the Grey's Anatomy season premiere this morning! Yay for your parents helping you save so much money, that is a big blessing!

MrsQ said...

I'm so glad fall is finally getting here! Cooler weather, warm tasty scents, and getting ready for the holiday season.. Love it! :D

anna. said...

oh my goodness. baby d looks so different from last year. HESSOBIGSOMETIMES.

Missy said...

Oh I love The Office and Kendra, but I just can't watch the Kardashians, they are not my favorite celebrities lol

Rachelle Wardle said...

You are so optimistic. Love you!!

Love fall shows. I was so excited to watch Kendra last night. I really need to get a life. ha ha!

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