Friday, September 30, 2011

...aaaaand we're back! with baby sign language??? DZ #52

At least DK has a computer I can use and since being without digital camera we have been taking a lot more videos, so until the camera and/or my computer charger get fixed, we have about 50 or so videos yet to share with the unknown world. Probably lying. It's closer to 100. Today I wanted to address something everyone who knows us wants to know... how did we teach little d to sign??

When Mr. D and I first got married, we contemplated taking a sign language class together in college so that we could teach our kids sign language [when I worked in the nursery, it was WONDERFUL to be able to communicate with those little munchkins who can't talk and leads to MUCH less frustration on both parts], but that never really panned out and I am glad it didn't.

When little d was about 5 months old, I was emailed this link from that gave me some simple ideas as a starting point, and then I sat down and wrote all the things I wanted to know in communicating with the little bug [then googled each individual sign]. The list I made up boiled down to: mommy, daddy, cat, eat, more, please, all done. "Mommy" and "daddy" were quickly eliminated as he started using them in speech ["mama" and "daaaaaaad!" as well as saying "ball" for anything round, and using "meow" for cats] and "bath" and "milk" were added in just the last few months. "More" [which I like to use for everything now, instead of just for food, such as "more itsy bitsy spider"], "eat" and "please" were the first ones I got him to do [and therefore the hardest]. I would make the sign, say the word, and help him make the sign before I would give him what he wanted.

I think little d is one of the most eager communicators I have ever met. I know plenty of people who have tried signing to their kids and are met with months of blank stares or tantrums. Little d LOVES that we know what he wants and will eagerly say "no!" or "uh-huh, ya ya ya" if you are trying to figure out what he wants to eat specifically. Lets be honest, the kid is brilliant and I love the little bug to pieces. THREE teeth now, can you believe that??? Guess he was just waiting for halloween so he could be a jack-o-lantern!
"bath" [fists moving vertically along torso, always done with a look of desperation]
 little d's variation of "help". it is supposed to be a fist pounding into an open palm...
 "milk" [acting like you are milking a cow]
 "please" [open hand rubbing chest, I am proud to say this was the first sign I taught him!]
 "more" [different from "help" because the pincher fingers tap each other, not fists]
Oh, you want to see all these signs in action?? Here you go:


Sarah said...

i just about died when he did "thank you" and then smiled/laughed...I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH. what a smart little boy you have!! (:

MrsQ said...

oh my gosh, your little man is so smart and adorable!! :D

his smile melts my heart, seriously.

Have Your Way said...

so adorable!!

Eric and Andrea said...

That's wonderful! Go Little D!! I've started watching "Switched at Birth" and there's a deaf girl who signs all the time. I started to look up how to do ASL and it's all I can think about now. Signing is so fun!!

Rachael said...

What a smart boy!!! I love the franticness of bath. He's a total water baby.

anna. said...

haha. "bath" and "please" are my favorites.

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