Friday, September 30, 2011

...aaaaand we're back! with baby sign language??? DZ #52

At least DK has a computer I can use and since being without digital camera we have been taking a lot more videos, so until the camera and/or my computer charger get fixed, we have about 50 or so videos yet to share with the unknown world. Probably lying. It's closer to 100. Today I wanted to address something everyone who knows us wants to know... how did we teach little d to sign??

When Mr. D and I first got married, we contemplated taking a sign language class together in college so that we could teach our kids sign language [when I worked in the nursery, it was WONDERFUL to be able to communicate with those little munchkins who can't talk and leads to MUCH less frustration on both parts], but that never really panned out and I am glad it didn't.

When little d was about 5 months old, I was emailed this link from that gave me some simple ideas as a starting point, and then I sat down and wrote all the things I wanted to know in communicating with the little bug [then googled each individual sign]. The list I made up boiled down to: mommy, daddy, cat, eat, more, please, all done. "Mommy" and "daddy" were quickly eliminated as he started using them in speech ["mama" and "daaaaaaad!" as well as saying "ball" for anything round, and using "meow" for cats] and "bath" and "milk" were added in just the last few months. "More" [which I like to use for everything now, instead of just for food, such as "more itsy bitsy spider"], "eat" and "please" were the first ones I got him to do [and therefore the hardest]. I would make the sign, say the word, and help him make the sign before I would give him what he wanted.

I think little d is one of the most eager communicators I have ever met. I know plenty of people who have tried signing to their kids and are met with months of blank stares or tantrums. Little d LOVES that we know what he wants and will eagerly say "no!" or "uh-huh, ya ya ya" if you are trying to figure out what he wants to eat specifically. Lets be honest, the kid is brilliant and I love the little bug to pieces. THREE teeth now, can you believe that??? Guess he was just waiting for halloween so he could be a jack-o-lantern!
"bath" [fists moving vertically along torso, always done with a look of desperation]
 little d's variation of "help". it is supposed to be a fist pounding into an open palm...
 "milk" [acting like you are milking a cow]
 "please" [open hand rubbing chest, I am proud to say this was the first sign I taught him!]
 "more" [different from "help" because the pincher fingers tap each other, not fists]
Oh, you want to see all these signs in action?? Here you go:

Sunday, September 25, 2011


little d has TWO teeth!! where did that come from??? It has taken awhile for that bottom tooth to really start to show, and suddenly at dinner, while he was making faces/laughing, I noticed a tooth on the upper level of his gums!! First upper central incisor [and on the same side as his first tooth] so now he has on tooth on the bottom and one tooth on the top :) quite a funny sight to be sure. I always pictured him having two bottom teeth before any other teeth came in... I guess his right side is just better or something??

because i can't stand something negative at the top of my blogposts...

10 Reasons why September has been awesome:
1. FALL. Oh how I love fall!! The weather has been perfect and crisp and it makes me want to be outside all day.
2. Playing outside with little d [and usually Mr. D too!]... he is learning to dribble a ball, hit a ball of a tee [which he is pretty good at!], hit a ball with a golf club or tennis racket, or just kick a ball!
3. I love being around my parents and DK again. They are amazing [and quite the doting!] grandparents and uncle and little d loves them. Also, Brisley&co get home today from 2 weeks in Chile.. can't wait for more early morning playdates again!
4. My mom has been a GREAT help buying new outfits for little d, just as we were working our way through the last bits of clothes I got off of KSL 18 months ago.
5. Little d has a neverending supply of toys, old and new. See #3. Plus, my parents house has LOADS more space than we ever had in our 3 apartments combined. That allows for some serious nonstop entertainment and little d is never bored!
6. We saved nearly $1000 this month simply by not having to rent and pay utilities this month!! PLUS not having to pay for groceries is easily another $500 a month we are saving. A HUGE thank you to my parents. This has been such a blessing.
7. Kevins ear is almost fully healed, the hair the doc said "may never grow back" is almost half as long as the rest of his head and he is starting to venture outside again!! Good thing too, since halloween is just around the corner, and you know we have the PetSmart howloween party coming up :) ... see picture at the end of this post in case you forgot about last year!
8. Last night was the General Relief Society Conference. What an uplifting meeting, and a great way to get geared up for General Conference next weekend. If you have not read this talk, you should go and do it now. It was really perfect for me at this time in my life. President Uchtdorf is quite an inspired man.
9. Farmer's Markets!! In Ohio!! Who knew, right?? We have been to three of them around here and have found incredible stuff every week, not to mention some great samples :) I love that Mr. D has now found a little love for FM's since I have always loved going to them! He even told me the other day that when we move out we should budget a little money each week for farmer's markets!!! Oh, how I love that man.
10. I am still happily married to the sweetest, handsomest, smartest, most loving man in the world. And even though he's crazy sometimes, I have the sweetest, most gorgeous little baby in the world too! I am so so blessed!

BONUS: Office started this past week, Kendra starts today and Kardashian wedding the next two weeks... what more could I ask for, right?? Nothing to make me realize how little the problems in my life are than watching Kim complain about losing $75,000 earrings. :) And their fashion line? Gorgeous. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford a piece or two from the collection...
The only month I love just a tiny bit more than September? October!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


a couple problems, actually. Not to complain but just to explain the blogging MIA for awhile.

1) My MacBook charger is dead. So is my MacBook,that is until I magically find $80 to get a new charger. So I can't post any pictures from my iPhoto until we get that figured out.
2) Also I broke my camera. So I can't take any new pictures. See #1.
3) Still no jobs and no money.
4) 6:30 am. No, not to work out but to attempt to feed and entertain my incredible needs-no-sleep child.
5) I have no BOB and from carrying [not-so-little d] my back is sore pretty often. Long story I will attempt to explain later. No gym pass either. C'est la vie.
6) Remember that 5 pounds I had to lose? It's now 10. Just for the record.

September was supposed to be a good month... we're still figuring that out I guess.

I suppose I will have to wait a bit longer for that fourth watch.

until then I will keep working on this:
President Hinckley also admonished both men and women to be nurturers. He said, “How much more beautiful would be the … society in which we live if every father … and … mother regarded [their] children … as gifts from the God of heaven … and brought them up with true affection in the wisdom and admonition of the Lord” (“These, Our Little Ones,” Liahona,Dec. 2007, 7; Ensign, Dec. 2007, 9).

No worries though. I am with loving family who takes good care of me (us) and we know things will work out... eventually. Until then I just have to keep being patient :) All is well...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

how to eat a popsicle

remember the ONE day we have had in ohio where the weather was remotely summery??
yeah, me either. love our midwest autumn!!!
[and the yummy cinnamon apple muffins that come with it!]

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BallBoy and the Kevs: Secret Superpowers

After doing Wordless Wednesdays for the last few months, I think it's safe to say I am ready to move on to bigger and better things. Like weekly cheesy BB&TK comics. If you still need a WW fix, I'll keep doing it on our group blog.

Monday, September 19, 2011

14 months with my little nut.

14 months already?? [Halleluja its only 4 months till nursery!] There's so much going on with this kid, and while I know I won't be able to do this every month, I want to record a couple of "highlights" before I forget it all.
Playing: Mr. D bought him a batting tee and by far his favorite thing to do is go outside and play with the bat and whiffle balls. He also enjoys swinging, going down and crawling up slides, kicking a ball around, eating leaves, throwing acorns, chasing after the neighborhood cats [especially the Kevs] and giving them a kiss and a hug. He is always trying to throw something or high five other kids [at least I tell that to myself when I see him hit them] and then gives them a kiss "muah!" and a hug.
Playing in any kind of water [most recently we went to the Scioto River and he madly made the sign for "bath" and bolted for the water!] is a thrill to him, but even playing in an empty tub or pool makes him so happy. We have incorporated a nightly bath to the bedtime routine, and along with reading books and taking a bottle, makes the night routine almost an hour! But he loves it and sleeps well [usually] so we're sticking with what works.
Other play areas include the garage that houses a toybox full of balls and frisbees, running circles around the main floor, going to the library for storytime, and playing with the keyboard or fooseball or going on the treadmill in the basement. TV is still the most boring thing in the world to him. :) Only Blue's Clues has held his attention for longer than .2 seconds [I think it was maybe about .5 seconds, and only because it was a soccer game episode].
Bug signing "eat," usually these days referring to raisins.
Talking: Aside from signing [milk, more, eat, bath, help, please, all done], he's started talking! Mostly "Ball" but also a little bit of "MY Ball!" and "More!" but the latter is always said with a british accent ["Moh-a"]... no idea where he got that from. "Mama" is usually used as a bit of profanity when he's upset, or in reference to my mom [his grandma] or DK. "Daaaad!" is the best because I ask him where dad is and he hollers as loud as he can to find Mr. D. He still uses a lot of "No," mostly to Kevs when he jumps up on anything he's not supposed to and "Nahh" for just about anything he can point at. We've also started him on animal sounds and he knows monkey "ahh ahh", cat "mew", dog "oof", horse "naaay", fish [makes fishface and "pop pop" sounds], cow "um-oo", and tiger/lion/dinosaur "rarrrr".
Post chocolate-chip pancake [that he never really ate, only smeared all over his face]
Eating: Should a baby survive off of raisins, yogurt and milk? Occasionally I can get him to eat some ramen with egg mix, a frozen blueberry or two but seriously he is SO picky these days. I just keep trying different things but I think he's on a no-carb diet or something because he will not eat pasta or bread [at least nothing that I give him]. And I cannot help but laugh when people advise me to "just put a dropcloth underneath him" so that he can eat on his own... because he never just DROPS something. Maybe that works for most kids, but mine has an ARM. And he can chuck that fork or grape or pasta piece across the kitchen and into the dining room faster than you can grab his arm. We've finally quelled most of the hitting, but throwing food has led to more timeouts before 8am than he gets all day. Time outs are hilarious though, because I put him in a chair in another room, and usually cross my arms, explaining we are in time out and why. So of course he crosses his arms and pouts and makes the CUTEST faces at me for the whole of the 60 seconds. And he knows I always tell him "I love you" and give him a hug and a kiss at the end of time out [after we talk about NO MORE THROWING FOOD] so sometimes he jumps the gun and reaches out to me and gives me a kiss. Melts my heart every time... even if I am only half-awake :)
Sleeping: Sundays are the WORST because he is always tired and falls asleep in the car on the way home, poor thing, usually with fists clenched. Sleeping has been pretty awful and all over the place overall since he turned one. So two months of pretty nightmarish nights [and a few afternoons]. He will go to bed around 8 usually [I've been trying to do it a bit earlier lately] and will wake up around 6am, ready for the day to start WHICH HE HAS NEVER DONE SO EARLY BEFORE. I am someone who loves her morning alone time, so this has been really really hard for me. Meaning if I want to get a workout in I have to wake up at 5AM. More on that later. But I really do miss when he slept till 8. Then there's the whole random waking up in the middle of the night [which sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't] screaming bloody murder, and milk and meds and diaperchange and everything just doesn't make him happy, as he just wants you to play with him. At 2 in the morning. Please. Then, after being awake for two hours he STILL wakes up at 6am [of course]. I hate unpredictability so this has been really really difficult for me to deal with. Good thing he's so stinking cute or we'd have to put him up for adoption. Joke. About the adoption part :) And naps are pretty terrible... we've been trying one nap a day but he only ever does 1-hour naps and when he does do a second nap it lasts about 25-minutes but that's it. It's a work in progress but sure makes for really long days and a constantly tired mom.
Don't get me wrong. I LOVE this kid to pieces and love isn't even adequate to describe how much I love him. His sleeping [and eating] has just seen better days. And I need to be more responsible with my use of time and going to bed at a good time instead of blogging :) My little Bug is seriously the light of my life and even when he make me mad at him, he still finds a way to make me laugh. Like the other day when he decided to eat my USWeekly:
 Or try to eat applesauce like Aunti Surah:
 And this guy celebrated the release from the cone of shame [and subsequent good health!] the only way he knows how... by terrorizing paper products.
Also, I broke our camera. Yeah, the one Mr. D bought for me just a few months ago... so cameraphone photos will have to suffice for the time being. Till I donate enough plasma to afford another one :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

[six years from] our very first date

Mr. D wasn't even supposed to be at the Glenwood, but as fate would have it, one of his best friends, Dustin, decided last minute to bump up his wedding a few months earlier and bailed as Mr. D's roommate. Living with brother Mike at the Glenwood was sort of a fall-back option.
Apartment 51: Mager, Jasmine, Amax, Katie, [me], Keely.
Apartment 89: Garrett, Jamie, Ryan, Mike, Cameron, Mr. D.
Mr. D and I had met a few weeks prior, mostly due to the fact that my roommates had been hanging out with his roommates [especially big brother Mike] over the previous few summer months. Our collective roommates were constantly doing things like movie nights [first time I watched What About Bob? I was feeding Mr. D popcorn in our Glenwood living room] and attending ward functions [like the getting to know you activity, or the informal slip&slide party, or the ultimate frisbee activity where I had no desire to be social...]. I remember thinking how unfair it was that Keely and Jasmine were so at ease with all these boys they hung out with, and I felt completely lost in the shuffle. Not to mention I was gone for the first real weekend of school because I flew back home for my cousin's wedding.

All the guys they hung out with [including Mr. D] seemed really nice, but they didn't know me, and our ward had some seriously gorgeous girls to compete with... overall, I was pretty intimidated and by the end of that first week of school had resigned myself to the fact that I would probably just focus on getting my grades up sophomore year and worry about dating my junior year.

Thursday September 15, 2005 was The Day.

I was painting a mural in the hallway outside our apartment for a Humanities assignment ALL DAY. Like from 7am or something ridiculous, right through lunch and dinner. All day I had people coming by to admire my handiwork, talk with me, whatever. I don't even remember what it looked like, all I remember was a tree and some football related logos. Anyways, Mr. D was one of those people who stopped by to see what I was up to during those long hours. Towards the end of the evening, he stopped by in a backpack, headed to the library.

I remembered [with only a slight amount of panic] the 7 other classes I had to study and do stuff for, and offered to go with him. So I quickly cleaned up, grabbed my books and off we studied until the music sounded around midnight, telling us it was time to go home and the library was closing. As we walked home, we chatted and Mr. D mentioned something about food. I wasn't hungry but I really wanted to keep talking with him... he was so funny and just a really nice guy. We headed to McDonald's but they were closed inside and wouldn't let us walk through the drive through. So off we went to Denny's, for a brownie a la mode. We chatted for an hour or so in that little booth and then he walked me back to our apartment complex.

I came home that night [well, it was in the wee hours of the morning] to my roommate in the living room asking me if I owed her M&M's [for holding hands] or something more. I laughed it off, telling her how silly that suggestion was, we were just good friends and nothing more. Sure, I thought he was gorgeous and loved being around him, but I was pretty sure he was not interested in me in that way.
At a BYU game: Me and two of my roommates, he with two of his: Jasmine, me, Mike, Mr. D, Cameron, Amax.

From that night on, everything was a bit of a blur for about a week. Somehow we exchanged numbers and spent the next week sleeping very little, hanging out all day and staying up till the wee hours of the morning talking at night. We watched movies, went to games, walked to class and ate together...we were inseparable. A week later, we were talking outside my apartment and I think he mentioned something about us dating. I was confused and asked him when it was that we started dating, thinking of course this was just casual and he surely must be dating other girls. Mr. D rightly reminded me that he would have had NO time to see other girls, since all his time was spent with me :) He always was the smart one in our relationship. We pinpointed the library night [with Denny's] as the 15th and our first official date. We've since had a bit of a falling out with Denny's, but still celebrate every September 15th with a brownie a la mode, this year at Bob Evan's.

On our one month "anniversary" I got to see Tom Brady in person [only like my biggest dream since I was 16] and go to Denver for a Patriot's game with brother Cory [pictured with friend Kyler] and meet my future father-in-law [even if the only thing I remembered about him at the time was that he was really into these South Beach Diet bars!]
 Then, a few [dozen] intramural games [and subsequent trips to Hogi Yogi] later....
We went disco roller skating and cross dressed for Halloween...
Went to the rest of the BYU football games together...
Spent the Christmas holidays together [pre-holiday, with Keely and Brandon]
When he of course got me a Tom Brady Jersey [which made me love him even MORE!]
And that next month he proposed...
 And three months later we tied the knot!
And that, my friends, is the story of how I became the Red Sox Wife.
The rest, as they say, is history...

Friday, September 16, 2011

six inches of hairs, i dont miss you

Winner winner chicken dinner.
Its good to know that becoming a mom has led to more good decisions than bad, especially as of late.
Seriously don't miss my Kardashian locks.
Not even a little bit, not at ALL. Guess how long it took me to do my hair today???
Yup, 40+ minutes of my life back. Now to figure out what to do with it all???

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

six inches gone

Midwest humidity coupled with mommy-ness [AKA I have NO time to mess with my hair] led me to finally chop off my Kardashian-esque locks. Sure I will miss them but I will not miss the tangled beehive that took an hour to straighten [and about 2 seconds to get Topanga-style frizzy and out of control!] and that sweaty mass smacking against my back in a ponytail was just too annoying for me during workouts, ESPECIALLY running.
Also, my lovely mother continues to keep me in sweatshirts inside when it is 80 degrees outside.
I seriously am surprised they can still afford to pay the A/C costs my mother requires to keep her home akin to the Arctic. I love you, mom but I think we saw snow flurries this morning...
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kana came out to visit for a few days before jetting back off to Paris for 10 months... 
it was her first visit with little d and I think he likes her!! :)
Can't wait to see you back in the states next year!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

because of what happened 10 years ago today...

I'll be holding my loved one[s] a little bit tighter.

3,000 flags in the "Field of Honor" at Coffman High, one for each life lost from the 9/11 attacks. I never realized what a big number 3,000 was until today... those flags went on forever. What a beautiful memorial put on by the City of Dublin,

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