Friday, August 26, 2011

DZ #86: move out of Utah [and post-move weekend update]

Since I am an idiot and forgot the camera cord in Utah (where it is probably buried amidst a billion other cords somewhere in one of our cars, heading back East THIS VERY MOMENT!!), cell phone pics will have to suffice for an update.

Of course, consisted of some serious flying. Little d stayed up the whole first flight until the moment the plan landed and proceeded to collapse for an hour. What a doll.
Post-trauma, the Kevs has found new meaning to life:
Cicadas, birds and squirrels outside my bedroom window.
I think he is really starting to warm up to the idea of living in the East....
All day spent with an inexplicable craving of this...
 And this:
^Especially the latter^
My mom got this in the mail...
HILARIOUS. But seriously... My poor parents, husband, child, etc.
Also went to Stride Rite for little d's first "real" pair of shoes...
meaning ones he can actually walk in (unlike these ones that made him walk like a dinosaur).
Today I will be eagerly praying for poor Mr. D [and my dad], driving all our stuff across the country and hopefully making it back into my arms by tomorrow night.

Happy Friday from Little d and one of his many girlies :)


Have Your Way said...

Whoo what a week!!! I'm praying for your dad and your hubby as well :)

Hope Kevin is going okay!!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Have a good weekend!! And good luck to those driving cross country. :)

Those shoes for Little D are adorable!!!

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