Tuesday, August 02, 2011

twinner tuesday!!

Little D hand picked two of the cutest outfits he could find to gift to P&H...
Bianca's cute little newborns!!
Little D, Bianca's sister Miranda, crazy-tomato-face holding P, and Bianca's mom holding H!
Have you ever seen such gorgeous babies???
(Don't worry, Little D was SUPER jealous I was holding cute babies...until I gave him a ball)
Too bad I think Little D remembered the hospital experience we had just over a year ago, and didn't want to go anywhere near those hospital IV's and monitors. Thanks, Bianca, for letting us come visit!! And to her hubby Greg for being such an awesome photographer (he could teach Mr. D a thing or two... kidding, honey!). What a beautiful mom. And a beautiful family. Congrats again!!!

1 comment:

sarah said...

Poor boy! You can definitely see his fear in that last picture...adorable twinners though (:

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