Friday, August 19, 2011

pre-race rituals.

Today was quite a crazy day... between trying a tranquilizer out on the Kevs (who staggered around the house all day like a drunkard who kept attempting to climb the stairs or run out of the house), deep cleaning the house, packing/throwing away stuff, and chasing after a crazy Little D, it was good to take my mind off the fact that I AM RUNNING THIRTEEN MILES TOMORROW. Yikes.

I mean, I've done it before but I always get some crazy prerace jitters (even after three very successful half marathons!), so pre-race rituals are a MUST for calming me down.

#1: Something yummy and sweet. My addiction as of the last year has been fro-yo at Yogurtland...oh, how I will miss you!
 #2: Chatting with friends about running. Nothing better to get me excited to run!
 #3: Painting my nails. Something about having chipped nail polish drives me crazy for 13 miles. Thanks to Laura Boyce for the cute new HOT pink nail polish! She knows me too well :)
 #4: Reading a good book... Little D's new favorite was given by Mager for his birthday...
Seriously. The kid gets this giddy every time he SEES me take out this book. His favorite part?
STOP, dog, STOP!!
 and #5: After charging the Garmin and ipod (with updated playlist), setting out my clothes and alarm for 4:30am, going to bed nice and early with my USWeekly.
Only goal for tomorrow?
I'm keeping it simple: To have a great time and finish!


Rochelle said...

You'll do awesome! I'm kind of sad I'm not running this race so I can see you take off way in front of me! You are amazing! So sad I won't be part of your last race here!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Good luck running your half tomorrow--you'll be amazing!

Have Your Way said...

Good luck today! I know you will be amazing!!

sarah said...

1. WE HAVE MENCHIES HERE. You will fall in love and all will be well with the world (:

2. You look BEYOND gorgeous in that first picture!

3. Reunion run whenever we hang out next?? No matter where we are/what the weather is like...we must [as long as it is safe!!]!

4. You have a naked boy in your bed...did you know??

GOOD LUCK AND BREAK A LEG TOMORROW!! Meaning please don't break anything...except maybe a PR if you're feeling up to it (; kidding! BE SAFE I love youuuu!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I just found your site from Hungry Runner girl!

Love the pink nail polish...and your helper! :)

Missy said...

Good luck tomorrow! You will do great!

Julia said...

you were AMAZING today. seriously. you are inspiring. i loved seeing you yesterday and today and am going to miss you like crazy. lets start planning our cinci get-together PRONTO.

karajean said...

Good luck! I am beyond jealous of your mad running skills, and of the fact that you live somewhere where you don't have to run at 4 AM b/c of heat!

Eric and Andrea said...

Yay I'm glad you get to run the race tomorrow!! And I think Little D liking that dog book is a sign... hint hint :)

anna. said...

haha @ sarah + naked baby ( :

p.s. you did awesomeee.

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