Friday, August 12, 2011

one year photo shoot

12 month highlights:
Can sign "please," "thank you," "eat" (which he discovered works better than "more"), "bath"
Says "ball" (anything round), "hi!," "buh-bye," "DAD!"
Can FINALLY feed himself
Loves climbing stairs, anything involving water, balls, balloons, anything round.
REALLY good at throwing things. Especially if it is anything round.
Plays with his uncles, dad, the Kevs.
Starting to get the hang of "Peekaboo" and says "no" when he does something he's not supposed to.
Gives the best hugs (and occasional kisses), mostly to his stuffed bears.
Happiest baby on the block. "Smiles all the time." Right from the moment he wakes up.
Likes to eat frozen gogurt, frozen fruit, berries, dry cereal, green smoothies.
Runs around the house like a crazy man, racing up the stairs and to the front door... 
where he'll jump up and down to try to open the door.
Just started putting everything in his mouth: rocks, twigs, cat food, even (gasp!) a cigarette butt!
Little D has the absolute best laugh in the world, especially when we tickle under his chin(s) or inner thighs.
What a smart kid... and a goofy, goofy little bug.
Outtakes are always the best part:

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