Thursday, August 04, 2011

just so my parents, in-laws, and anyone else knows

We will NOT be doing any traveling to visit family with Little D in the near future. Meaning in the next 365 days at least.
Unless you really, truly have no desire to have any more grandchildren. So don't try to bother convincing me otherwise.
You are welcome to come visit us wherever we live, Christmas, Summers, whatever.
Sure Little D is a dream to play with but as a traveling companion? Suffice it to say that HE SUCKS. I'm just being completely honest here.

So long as he can't even last the 40 minute car ride home from the airport without screaming bloody murder THE ENTIRE WAY, the ONLY travel we will be doing is to wherever our next home is.

And that's IT.

I love my boy. I really really do. If this were an isolated incident I would forgive him for having a bad day and just hope the next time would be better. BUT IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME.
I know, sad, right? Luckily he's in a MUCH better mood now, running around and throwing toys at the cat. Back to normal.
Best of luck to Mr. D on that interview and may he fly safely there and home again.
Also, IKEA doesn't open till 10.
So that explains a lot.
Love you.


theWife said...

okay.... we need to have a phone conversation... i STILL can't get pictures to post huge on my blog like yours. Boooo! I'll also send you the html code to make the words move across the screen... it's called a marquee.

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

He just doesn't want to leave Utah?

anna. said...

yikes. hope he'll still want to come get me at the airport...

sarah said...

Oh sad day :/ only a few more longer tripsssss!!

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