Friday, August 05, 2011

Don't knock it till you try it

A few months ago, I did Bountiful Baskets and was inundated with about 15 onions in my basket. Needless to say, we have yet to go through all those onions but I am trying to forgive BB by attempting a basket again tomorrow. This is their last chance for redemption.

So about those onions... I chopped them up and froze them for egg scrambles because I do love the smell of lightly browned onions (just not 10 pounds of them). As my back was turned to the stove, I heard grunting behind me and Little D was doing this:
More what?? Eggs? He shook his head. 
Juice? No. 
His mouth opened wider than a shark on shark week.
And just like that, my son DEVOURED about 1/2 a cup of chopped frozen onions like they were candy.
Um seriously who's child is this? 
Next thing I know he will be eating something even more disgusting like peas or...peas.
I guess I should be glad onions are a vegetable, right????
In other news. TEN DAYS till I see Bananas again. I am so so excited. I haven't seen her since Dad's 50th in March and that was almost FIVE MONTHS AGO. Also, that was only for like a day. So yes, Surah and DK (and the parentals), I do miss you very much too but there is something to be said for someone who makes the BEST braided bread on the face of the planet. And the fact that she will be all mine for five whole days is almost more than I can take.

I love my siblings so so much. And I can't WAIT till we move and buy a house and then they can come move into our neighborhood and we can all hang out EVERY DAY just like the Kardashians.


Have Your Way said...

hahah little d is quite cute doing his sign language!!!

hey at least hey is starting young with the whole vegetable thing

yay for sister bonding time!!

Rachelle Wardle said...

ha ha so funny about the onions, what the?

Can I please meet your sister when she comes? I am just obsessed with your family k.

Stefanie D. said...

Seriously?? Onions?? That is insane! I just discovered that Little C likes hummus. Like A LOT. I'm thinking it could be the texture, it's just a little chunkier than baby food.

anna. said...

baby d just loves usher songs too. can't wait to see MORE of you guys super-soon ( :

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Um, she isn't ALL yours >:/

sarah said...

WE BETTER ALL BE REUNITED AT CHRISTMAS IN SOME WAY SHAPE OR FORM. Even the Kardashians don't go more than a little while without seeing each other!! [Except for Rob + Kourtney...but I think things are better between them now anyway]. <3 <3 onions

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