Thursday, August 25, 2011

#1 most asked question: "So what do you even DO all day, now that you're not working full time?"

I sit around the house watching Laguna Beach Reruns and eating Swiss Rolls all day.
Joke. I wish I could do that. But first I have to find out where to buy SR's out here. 
But seriously, watching and cleaning up after these two is exhausting.
Thankfully, now that I am "home" most of the cleaning is done by my awesomesauce mother, 
who cleans messes so quickly I barely remember they were made.
My schedule usually consists of waking up with baby (which will change tomorrow since I finally made it to Lifetime Fitness today), chasing after said baby as I attempt to get some food down the hatch, playdates, swinging...
Medicating/antibiotic-ing the cat (and making sure HE eats), we all settle down for a nap, and the cycle starts all over again, except in the evening I turn into Chef Ruth and attempt to teach my mom to cook :)
 Overall, a good life. And throw in the next few weeks trying to look for part time employment (since DK and parents can watch little D) and getting a move on that portrait I should have started three months ago. So a little bit busy too. Just the way I like it!


Have Your Way said...

Sounds like you're busy. We need to plan a meeting up sometime. That would be sweet!!!

Hope you find something soon!!

Stina said...

WHAT! Tay didn't tell me you're GONE! I'm glad it all went well getting there, poor Kevs!

I was just catching up on your blog and I have a Bob too! A double, which is HUGE, we call it teh golf cart :) heheh
I was getting it from teh car one day and my friend said, yeah get your car out of your stroller so I can see it :)

It sounds like you are good, does drew have a job there then?? I'm so excited for you!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Watching a toddler is 500 times harder than running 20 miles. Just saying!

Seriously you rock!! Good luck finding a job!

K. S. Powers said...

Haha, from now on when people ask you that, you should just hold up kitty in one arm, Dustin in the other, and glare at them. Or you could tell them you're plotting to take over the world. Either way, their reaction should be amusing. :)

anna. said...

picture #3 = awesome.

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