Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whittingham/Kent Wedding

We had a BLAST at Missy and Dawson's Wedding this weekend.
The festivities started off Wednesday night at the Grand America Hotel for rehearsal dinner.. and Little D was seriously amused by the ottoman in the bathroom:
And here he is with the bride to be... Gorgeous!
 Little D with Big Mike (grandpa) and Phil (great-grandpa)
 Mr. D with his lovely mother... (can you see the resemblance?)
Little D playing peek a boo with his dad:
Thursday was the main event: wedding day in SLC. Unfortunately the wedding coincided with Little D's morning nap, so we prayed that he would survive. He hung out with some of Missy's cute little cousins while we were in the temple and when we finally came out (2 hours past due on his nap) he was happy as can be! For a little while at least...
 That is, until he realized how sleepy he was and how not-as-fun-as-a-bunch-of-doting-girl-cousins we are. Needless to say, we had to leave before the bride made her big appearance outside :( But at least we got a mini photo shoot in!
Proof it "only" takes four tries... if we're lucky!
 After a good nap, we left Little D in the capable hands of newly married Pillings, and had a great time at the reception. Mr. D and I were inspired by some mildly inappropriate Photobooth pics from the Pilling's wedding. Then of course we had to jump into the family pic!
What a great weekend. I really married into the best kind of family :)


anna. said...

ottoman video = awesome.


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Ottoman vid was so cute. He has some muscles on him!

sarah said...

drew + his mama really look soso much alike!! that is crazy.

just love that you guys love photobooths almost as much as i do <3 even if you are mildly inappropriate. but i guess you are married with a child, so it's [slightly more] okay.

(: love youuuuu

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