Sunday, July 03, 2011

week[end] update

Last week Baby D went to his first birthday party!
 Here he is with little G, the birthday boy! 
(10 pictures and this was the only one where both of them were looking at the camera!)
 on Sunday we finally got some pictures with our Grandpa Phil!!
Monday Baby D and I trekked up north to pay Rach and Jon (and the cutest puppy Dakota) a visit!
 They have the most lovely house (I have just a little bit of home envy!) and it was so good to finally get to visit and hang out with them. Baby D would have stolen all of Kota's rubber bouncy balls if not for all the puppy kisses (a la uncle charlie) he was given.
 OH, and to prove that their home is truly thebombdotcom... they are right down the street from the one and only....
 Yup, that is Baby D pointing to the Chipotle sign. It's about time! I haven't had Chipotle since April!!
 Sorry, Baby D. You should know by now that mommy is not so good at sharing. Om nom nom.
I have officially decided heaven MUST have an endless supply of Chipotle, Muddy Buddies and Jamba Juice...
We've been having a lot of pooltime fun with the uncles, like reading Blue's Clues lift-the-flap-books (a new favorite) with Uncle Brady.
Then hitting up the Farmer's Market (and stealing away as many samples as we can get away with!) with Uncle Blake and Papa Bear.
I was a little disappointed at the selection of goods. Probably a 10:1 ratio of girl dressies/bows to food. Maybe the Salt Lake one will have more food?
 Buuuut... they did have RABBITS!!! We almost bought this one for Bananas. 
$10 for the little guy! Three weeks old. So so cute.
And of course, Baby D and Mr. D were just thrilled that I survived Girl's Camp this week (even if I went for 24 hours, came home for 24 hours, then back to camp for 24 hours, so I suppose I cheated a little since I never had to shower up there) and even slept in a tent outside for the first time in my whole life.
Happy Sunday goes without saying, right?


Have Your Way said...

hahaha that is so totally cheating in the world of camping Ruth! hahah

I LOVE Chipotle!! YOu need to come to Ohio sometime so we can meet, run, get Chipotle, and hang out!!

Cheri said...

Weren't you at the girls camp where we had to sleep in tents and got rained out?????? Or was that a year before you came?

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I have never ate at Chipotle, we don't have any here :(

Love all the great pics of the little guy, he is such a cutie!

Rachael said...

I'm so glad you survived girls camp! I look awful in that picture cause I was avoiding Koda licks, but I am so happy that we made the blog. Baby D gets cuter and cuter with every post.

sarah said...

just <3 chipotle + tiny bunnies + baby d. always.

anna. said...

chipotleeeee. not fairrrrr.

also <3 the bunnies. and DUSTBUSTERRR.

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

OMG I want that Bunny!

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