Tuesday, July 19, 2011

365 days later, my Baby D becomes Little D

My darling Baby D,
Hard to believe it was only a year ago that I went into labor and more labor to go through what would be the longest day of my LIFE. Good thing the end result was so stinking cute:
Poor little guy... but he sure turned into quite the little stud!
Being your mommy for the last year has been both the most difficult and most rewarding experience of my whole life! It really has flown by and I don't know if I can blame that on working full time for nine of the first eleven months of your life. Life with you has been completely unexpected and unpredictable (two things that pre-Baby D were not even in my vocabulary, as one who thrives on consistency and routine) and incredibly humbling.

You have made me laugh so hard I've cried and cry harder than I ever have before. I've caught all your firsts: smile, laugh, word[is it really a surprise it was "ball"?], signing["more?"] and steps. I've taken over a thousand pictures of that goofy gummy grin and more than 100 movies. We've taught you to love the Kevs like your brother, point at everything, talk on the phone, "read" books, kick and throw any round object [and of course refer to it as a "ball"], blow kisses and [finally!!!] give hugs.
You are the sweetest boy in the whole world. You have made me a better person than I was a year ago. Which is not to say I have made plenty of mistakes along the way.. but thanks to you and especially your dad, I am a better mom with every passing day. I never knew I could feel so happy and so in love.
Happy 1st Birthday, my little Bug. 
At 22 pounds [when you started off at just under 8]
and 29 inches [when you started off at 19.5]
You have grown up so much over the last year [yes, that IS still a surprise to me] and I am finally accepting that you are no longer a Baby anymore... you are now my little D. 

And to my Mr. D
I could have never done the last year without you.
Amazingly enough, I am more in love with you than I ever thought possible and yet I still have such an immense and overwhelming love for our little D.
Who knew falling in love with a Blonde haired boy could lead to so many wonderful things?

We may be still on the [seemingly never-ending] job hunt, and live far away from our families but we have the gospel and each other. Together. Forever.
Love, your Red Sox Wife and Mama


Julia said...

eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE D!!!! so exciting. he really is the cutest!

Stefanie D. said...

Ahhh, this is so sweet! Happy birthday to Little D from me and Little C!! Birthday hugs!

Kana M. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little D!!!!!!
Someday... I cannot wait to meet him :) He might be Mr. D by then!!!! ;)

Have Your Way said...

Happy Birthday Baby D!!!

SO exciting to know he is ONE!!

LOVE your new look!!!

Missy said...

Aww Happy Birthday Little D!
Your new banner looks great!

sarah said...

ahhhhhhh HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE LITTLE D (: sosososo cute. love this post + you + your little family which is growing so quick!!

anna. said...


<3 <3 <3

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