Monday, June 27, 2011

What I'm Making Monday: another colorful meal and muddy buddies

I leave for Girl's Camp tomorrow. Not to worry. I have a slew of posts lined up for your enjoyment.
But you will have to excuse the lameness of today's making... I am too busy madly packing and worrying about getting eaten by bears at the moment.
 Mmm oven roasted broc with olive oil, (homemade bread crusted) oven baked chicken and fusili.
Oh then SOMEONE had to make a puppychow/muddy buddies post on Sunday, so you know I was craving it all day and finally caved and made it at 10 o clock at night. But seriously. So good.
And if I don't post by Saturday.. you know the bears got the best of me.
Anna. you get my garmin.
Surah. you get my macbook.
You can fight over the rest.


Have Your Way said...

Ive never been a GirlScout or ever have been camping so ENJOY!!

I LOVE puppychow!!!! I want some NOW!!!


Have Your Way said...

O hahah this morning when I read your blog I thought it said Girl Scout camp and NOT Girls camp! hahaha O man!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Do I get baby D? ha ha jk!

Have so much fun and be careful out there. Want to run soon? Please!

Rachael said...

Can I have your Bob?

anna. said...

don't worry. i'll take good care of your garmin. also if bears eat you, maybe drew should let the kevs raise baby d. that would be adorable / awesome.

(and me)

sarah said...

wahooooo! i'd love that macbook (; you will be fine. just scare the bears away with some pre-recorded dinosaur sounds of baby d's!

Maskmario10 said...

But, Sarah already has a laptop and I don't :( Oh, well at least I know you won't die :D

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