Sunday, June 19, 2011

Strawberry Days 2011

We started off with a visit to the Carnival to get some strawberries and cream on Wednesday night.
Too bad Baby D didn't get the memo about strawberries being the cool berries this week.
Have I mentioned he's a blueberry addict?
Blue poop. It's actually almost Crayola-esque. Cerulean.
In front of the carnival. We mostly used it as an excuse to walk around, window browse the boutiques and watch kids screaming on the rides. Oh, and the pointing. Always with the pointing. :)
And after we got home, the little prince demanded more blueberries!
He's worse than I am!
And we taught Charlie how to say "more blueberries" in sign language. 
(okay, so it only means "more", but he uses it for blueberries about 90% of the time).
And Friday morning, we went to Huck Finn Days (where they flooded a field by the high school, tossed a bunch of goldfish in there and allowed kids to "fish" like Huck.) which came with a pet competition (the only reason I wanted to go). We met some cute friends! Like this cute puppy...
She was a princess and her brother had a faux hawk and harley davidson tshirt!
Baby D REALLY wanted that $3000 shitzu.
Or maybe some chickens...
but only if they wear bows.
What an exhausting week! Good thing Baby D learned to use his feet while holding the bottle up. What with feeding himself for the first time, and actually holding his bottle for the first time this past month, it is QUITE the upper body workout!
Remember Sari? We finally got some pics together since she leaves for her cruise next week. What will I do without my weekly gossip with her?? Maybe we will still be here in the fall and I can sneak into her classroom as a student. I could pass as her TA, right?
This week also marked the first time I got to watch Bananas work it LIVE on channel 9.
She did great!!! I love her slingbox. Especially on Sundays.
PS. anna if you are supposed to be Kim, you should probably be engaged sometime soon...


Laura said...

I love how he holds his bottle with his feet!

Have Your Way said...

Hahah O no! Maybe he should learn to LOVE a new fruit so then his poop isnt very blue. Maybe he wants to go to the Willy Wonka factory?!

Rachelle Wardle said...

So fun!! That is so awesome that your sister is a real news reporter. Holy famousness!!!

anna. said...

love that he loves blueberries. and that i look like a total crazy-face.

Stefanie D. said...

Ok..I am seriously behind...I know. How did I miss Strawberry Days?? Sadness, we like to go to the rodeo. :) Mostly because they have those delicious strawberries. Mmmm.

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