Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Stay At Home Dad

It's not really a big secret that Mr. D's been the SAHD during the past schoolyear. We really lucked out that my work schedule was early enough that I could run home and spend about an hour with Mr. D before I took over Baby D time and he would leave to work BYU athletic events.
 I was originally going to post this on father's day, but thought it needed a separate post altogether. Mr. D has really been incredible over the last 9-ish months to be not just able but willing to stay at home during the day so that I could continue work at my dream job.
 After the initial shock of the first month of school wore off, I was second guessing myself in the whole going-back-to-work bit. I missed Baby D SO much!! And the thought of him favoring Mr. D over me or me missing some milestone was almost enough for me to quit working...
 Mr. D certainly kept me going. Reminding me of the wonderful opportunity to work a job that I had been wanting for so long. The awesomesauce insurance that covered us. I was helping add money to our savings to get Baby D into a home someday. How close it was from work to home that I could come home for lunch everyday (and I did!).
 But most of all, he showed me what a good father he was. His patience with Baby D, his unfeigned love for the goofiest of goobers (even when his sleeping AND eating AND pooping was all out of whack), and his overall awesomeness in raising our boy over those 10 months is something I will never forget.
 So let it be known. Baby D has the best dad in the world. Period.
When I have told some people about our "arrangement" I am shocked at some of the reactions-- that he is "too lazy to get a full time job" or a number of extremely hurtful things. Mr. D works harder than any man I have ever know. And how many fathers do you know who would be willing to come home from work after midnight on most days (and sometimes as late as 2 or 3 in the morning), and then have to take care of a baby all day starting at about 7am?
I will forever be grateful for Mr. D and his love for Baby D and I. Over the last year, he never allowed me to feel guilty about working, or falling behind on the household stuff, or freaking out because I felt (numerous times) like I was being a "bad mom" in some way, shape, or form.
He is my number one support and the best example to me of a stay at home parent.
He is always with a smile on his face and I definitely credit him to being the reason our Baby D is so happy "all the time", as Granny puts it.
Hopefully, even though Baby D is still so young, this will be an experience that Mr. D will cherish forever. Because I already do.


Have Your Way said...

:) awwww Ruth that seriously was so so sweet!!! What a true blessing!!! That is SOO encouraging to see a dad who sacrificed HIS life, HIS time to be there for another life.

Rochelle said...

You are awesome. I've been the same boat, while my husband went to school full time, he only had a part time job at nights so he was basically the stay at home daddy. And now, as he is a teacher - I work full time and he gets to stay home all summer with the kids. My mom especially has been so rude about why he doesn't get a part time job in the summer..and for me - I just love the fact that he is so close with our boys. That the boys love him more than me sometimes and that they have a relationship with their father.

Ultimately you have to do whatever works best for your family...and then tell everyone else to screw it! Love this post and I think any man that is willing to take on staying at home is amazing!!

Julia said...

love love love this. what a sweet fam. and Mr D sounds truly absolutely amazing! what a lucky little boy Baby D is to have such awesome amazing incredible parents :) and of course you all are lucky as well to have such a sweet little boy :)

Rachelle Wardle said...

Love this post and amen to everything Rochelle said. So awesome of your husband to stay home with baby D. Love that!

The Dude said...

Dowler is the man! Sounds like u guys got a good thing goin..

sarah said...

oh my gosh!! this was so cute (: just LOVE that big picture of him + baby d smiling together. you should get that framed or something and put it up in the house or his room or something (:

anna. said...

just love the D's in your life sometimes.

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