Tuesday, June 07, 2011

something random

My lovely sister, Bananas tagged me in this chain-blogpost thing, and since I am pretty superstitious, and needing all the good karma I can get with a sickly child and job-hunting hubby, I was happy to oblige. Even if some of these questions remind me of the "Burn Book" or something from equally high schoolish from Mean Girls.... :)

And a fair warning, this is a rediculously long post. No one will judge you if you want to skip it and come back for Wordless Wednesday.

Seven random facts about myself:
1. I have never tried French Onion soup in my life, but I had a bazillion onions from the last Bountiful Baskets I did (after which I went on strike against them for doing such a heinous thing) so I figured I would give it a try and make it from scratch. I know, not terribly attractive, but I ate it and didn't die (Hubby refused even a small bite). So...now it is doomed to the freezer until I can find someone in Utah County who has a FOS fetish. Any takers?
2. I have asked for a pet cat every Christmas and Birthday since I could speak. Married a guy who is allergic to cats. Kind of crazy that one just shows up on our doorstep and 3 years later we still have our KG? Funny how things work out that way.
3. I was just thinking last night how love (for me) is kind of like ice cream. I could live without it...but man does it make life worthwhile! And adding Baby D to the mix was kind of like trying homemade ice cream for the first time (just a few months ago). I had NO idea what I was missing out on until I tried it, and now I can't imagine life without it (him).
4. I am four months behind on my Runner's World Magazines. Which kind of throws me into a bit of anxiety, since I read just about every article, cover to cover. I have a lot of reading to catch up on.

5. We got rid of our Dish this weekend. We have had the glory that is DVR pretty much our entire marriage and initially I really thought we couldn't do without. But it is nice to picket the extra $50+ a month, and most of the stuff we watch is on basic anyway. So the only tragedy here is not being able to Keep up with the Kardashians anymore.

6. Hearing Baby D talk to himself/his stuffed animals first thing in the morning is the BEST alarm clock I could ever ask for. Even when he is blowing snot bubbles out of his nose :)
7. Speaking of Baby D, he got his first haircut last weekend from our lovely neighbor, Laura. Can you tell he loved it?? I am kind of creeped out by the idea of keeping locks of his hair for a scrapbook or something [so I didn't]. Not that it matters because I am terrible at/despise scrapbooking. Pictures are much better anyways.

Now answer these four questions:
1. Name your favorite song: "Boom" by Snoop Dogg.
2. Name a song you thing is romantic: "Dreamgirl" by Dave Matthews
3. Name a song you recommend someone to listen to: "Shipping off to Boston" By Dropkick Murphys.
4. Name your second favorite song: Move, Shake, Drop" by DJ Laz, Flo Rida and Casely

Now this is apparently what those songs mean...
1. this tells how you feel about yourself (kind of like Anna's song, this kind of doesn't really make sense).
2. this song tells how you feel about a person you secretly have a crush on (Mr. D is my dreamgirl??).
3. this song tells how you feel about the person you are in a relationship with (umm...?).
4. this song tells how you think other people view you (again, just like anna, i don't think this really works. but at least you know my favorite songs now).

And here are some more randomities:
1. Do you think you're hawt?
Haha um... just got back from a workout outside. And it is midday in June. Game. Set, Match.
2. My current wallpaper:
3. When was the last time you ate chicken?
Last week at Winger's. It was heaven... until I looked up the nutrition facts when I got home and realized the Wing Wrap was my caloric intake for the WHOLE day. Whoops.
4. What are the songs you have listened to recently?
I think if you look at my itunes, the songs I listed as my faves have been played about 100 times over the last two weeks.

5. What were you thinking as you were writing this?
I am pretty sure these questions must come from a 12 year old. :) DK??

6. Do you have any nicknames?
No? I mean, you can't really get any out of "Ruth". Or maybe I just have terribly unoriginal friends. Although I did have one call me "Rufio" for a while in high school.

7. Random eight blogger friends who will be tagged by this (assuming they actually made it all this way down this rediculously long post, in which case, you must be a good friend!)
2. Stef
8. Who is listed as #1? 
Ms. Julia. Because she is thebombdotcom and is running her first marathon this weekend!

9. Say something about #5?
She was tagged by both Anna and I as #5 :) she is one of my favorite babysitters for Baby D... I only wish we lived closer to her!

10. How did you get to know #3?
Blogging get-together organized by Janae at Yogurtland... I LOVED her sweet personality and have been blogstalking her ever since!

11. How about #4?
Same blog-stalking as Rachelle :) Mostly I idolize her for raising two kids, working full time and going to school... she is my hero!

12. Leave a message for #6...

13. Do #7 and #8 have similarities?
Both lived for a time in good old O-H! (I-O!)

14. Why does #2's blog interest you?
Um because she is also one of those amazing people who does it all with a HUGE smile on their face. And she has one of the cutest babies in the whole wide world!!

Dear Anna,
YOURE WELCOME. That just took up an hour of my life that I will never get back :) You owe me an hour of watching the Dustbuster if you ever come visit our here!!! I wouldn't do this for just anyone, but only because I love you! :)


Have Your Way said...

Hahah I so just learned some things about you. That was super fun! haha and yes I made it to the VERY bottom!

Stefanie D. said...

Ahhhhh, I loved this! And I feel so honored to be tagged. I am also totally superstitious, so I'll probably be getting this up on the blog today as some kind of TTT mix up. YES. OK, so I LOVE your ice cream analogy. LOVE IT. It is so SO true!!

Rash. It's lame. And I will tell the DR where to go if they say I can't run because of the rash. Not happening.

We need to meet up before the race so we can ride on the same bus together! :)

anna. said...

umm...duh. i will totally watch dustbuster any time i possibly can. also, yeah -- after i did mine, i checked the clock and couldn't believe how much time i spent on it...yikes!

plus, don't miss any episodes of kuwtk (starting on sunday!!). when i didn't have cable, i watched at your house. consider it a bit of encouragement to find a kuwtk buddy to watch with ( :

Rachelle Wardle said...

Wow just saw this, I am behind. I loved reading about you because I just love you!

Rufio? ha ha that made my entire day! I will try to do this if I can focus for long enough to answer these questions.

sarah said...

you are definitely {and have been} "rufio" in my contacts on my phone since forever. the end.

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