Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our Ladies' Man

First off, get excited. The weekend is HE-AH!
[aaaaand we still have NO teeth! what a creeper.]
Good thing I have Baby D to keep me in line to do some blog catchup.
But of course, Baby D just wanted to brag about all the LOVELY ladies he has been hanging out with over the last week. FRIDAY: Like Lil' C when we went to Yogurtland before the Half Marathon.
 SATURDAY: Cousin Erika graduated from hair school!!! So we had a party on her behalf... unfortunately all those cousins are afraid of babies :) But I think Baby D was working on her sister cousin Kenna to start showing him some love! (and dare I say it worked???)
 SUNDAY: Hanging out with Lily!!! I love these blondies together. Can you believe she is only 3 weeks younger than he?? I think she has him by at least 5 inches and a few pounds :)
Concessa came into town (WOOT!) so we attempted some Zumba TUESDAY then made do with a Boston reunion [Yogurtland... where else?] with Diana (far right) and of course we got to bring along big brother Mike (far left). Don't worry, I am the little boy in the center of the picture. Not everyone can look as good as Concessa can post-Zumba.

 In case you are wondering why my runs always turn into 10+ minute miles when I run with Baby D, this is why. Easily distracted on our 4 miler. :)
 Good thing we had Laura to keep us in line (and back on the road) on WEDNESDAY! Oh wait, she got distracted too...
 The gang, post-run. :) I cannot believe she is already getting married NEXT WEEK in the Washington DC Temple, one of my favorites!! I am so excited for her and wish I could be there but I know she will do fabulously since I will be there in spirit!!! :)
 THURSDAY we had a lovely stroll with our newest walking buddy, Bianca. She went to school with Mr. D back in the day, is my marathoning idol (meaning she has ran a marathon and I have not) and is preggo with twin girls due this August (Baby D will certainly have quite a few girlfriends when he makes it out to BYU in 17 years!). I am super jealous, she looks AM.A.ZING. absolutely radiant and way better than I ever did with just one. :) Plus she is probably one of the most genuinely sweetest people I have ever met. :) I can't wait till she has those girlies and we can go running together!
PG's Strawberry Days is this week, so we'll have a full recap on that tomorrow!!
Until then...


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

That little guy is so cute!

Have Your Way said...

I think he is going to need a calendar to keep up with all of these little play dates he has been having! Makes me tired just thinking about all of them!

theAlmostRunner said...

His face in the last one! Oh my WORD he is ADORABLE, Ruth!

sarah said...

hahaha i LOVE this!! so many beautiful pictures of you all!! just remember baby d, no dating for another 15 years and one month!

anna. said...

yeah hope you're saving these pics for 2012 calendar

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