Tuesday, June 07, 2011

my job. was. awesome. (still is!)

10 reasons why teaching art was seriously awesome...
10. It made me $$$'s. Because someone may have a froyo addiction (we'll pretend it's Baby D)
9. I got paid to teach high schoolers something that I loved doing.
8. Unlimited access to any and all art supplies. Oh how I will miss that dearly!! I did get to make some pretty sweet projects as demos or just for fun on the side, like this little comic
7. Did I mention how much our (NICU Baby D and C-section me) hospital bill rang up to over $40,000?? Thanks to teacher's insurance we paid... $200. AWESOME.
6. Teacher discounts. Rec center pass for around $10 a month? Yes please.
5. Three words: June, July, August. (okay, and EVERY holiday. how awesome is that?!)
4. When Mr. D let us move to PG (literally a mile away from the school), I absolutely fell in love with the community that is Pleasant Grove. I loved running into students and faculty at the store, Strawberry Days, the Rec, you name it. Everyone is so friendly here. Especially fellow teachers/besties. Love me some Katie!
3. Because I lived a quick 5 minute drive from the school, I got to go home for lunch every day. This was seriously crucial for my wifey/mommy sanity, especially during the fall when it felt like I only ever saw Mr. D as he was walking out the door on his way to work.
2. The rec center is the halfway point between our house and the school. No excuses! I swear it is the main reason I was able to lose a huge chunk of that baby weight.
1. Getting to work with Sari.
Isn't she darling? Not only was she my mentor when I student taught with her two years ago, but she is one of my dearest friends and I swear she single-handedly landed me that job. I will miss seeing her face every day. I am so so blessed to have had such a wonderful experience in teaching for two years.

But if you would have told me to be a stay at home mom a year ago, I would have laughed in your face!! Motherhood has definitely changed me... I like to think for the better. While today was my first "real" day as a stay-at-home-mommy, I don't think it will really sink in that I am no longer working until the fall , when I don't have a classroom to prepare and students' names to memorize. 
Poor Baby D has been sick with what I had a few weeks back, then Mr. D got it, and our poor little bug had a raging fever Saturday and has been a bit of a mess ever since. "Staying at home" is exhausting! But certainly rewarding. I am just happy that (1) Baby D didn't get sick like this during the school year (I do love being able to take care of him!) and (2) that he can be so dang happy even when he is sick! (never mind that he can't sleep and doesn't feel like eating much).

I loved my old job, and now I love my new job (that previous to this week, was too part-time for my liking!). Life is good, especially when I have two guys with me who have a wonderful sense of humor.
Mr. D was so proud of the new "trick" he taught the Bug. 
Happy Monday!!


Lindsey said...

That last pic is hilarious - love it!

Merrick said...

$40,000??! Why do babies have to be so expensive?? Thank goodness for insurance!

Missy said...

What a great post! It's good that you love what you do (before and now)!

sarah said...

i am obsessed with that comic. obsessed. too cuteeeeeeeeeeeefjkdlas

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