Friday, June 24, 2011


Well, 4 of 5 isn't bad... (Cory's in CA for a wedding)
Three tangent Thursday!!
Tangent #1: Tonight was UNCLE BRADY'S FIRST PHOTO WITH BABY D!! Can't you tell they already love each other?! Crazy to think that when he left on his mission 2 years ago, we weren't even THINKING of having kids yet... 
 Um Baby D just loves his uncles. Period. Almost as much as his aunties :)
With Uncles ^Blake^ and Mike
I have a feeling there is going to be a whole lotta this going on this summer... the boys all watching ESPN. Tonight it was watching Jimmer get drafted. Actually makes me miss our ESPN almost as much as Teen Mom on MTV. Almost. Thanks to Michelle for letting us crash at her place. :)
Cory's good at Photoshop, so I'll have him photoshop himself in once he gets back from Cali.
Listed with birth order (because, mom, I know you forget sometimes!)
 Blake (5), Mr. D (2), Brady (4), Mike (1), Cory (3 but not pictured...yet!)

Tangent #2: It is still hard for me to grasp that I have lived in Utah for SEVEN years now. That's over a third of my life! Even though I may complain about it (mostly because of the whole outdoorsy camping/hiking/skiing element that I'm not too fond of) but it has been really nice being smack in the center of a university hub and getting to see all our siblings and Mr. D's extended family all the time! Speaking of extended family... the CUTEST cousin Missy is getting married next month!! Baby D and I went to her shower this week and had a blast with all the girlies!
 And speaking of being in a central "hub," Mager came back the day after our little dinner party to get a pick of us with my bowl she won! I love that Colorado is so close to Utah and that her in-laws live so close to us! Oh and also... I'm short. Everyone should know that by now but I never fully realize it until I see a picture like this:
Don't you dare call me a hobbit or I will cry and then attempt to bite at your ankles.

Tangent #3: I am SO SO picky when it comes to pizza... I like my crust super thin, and my toppings not too greasy and not too much (especially light on the sauce), so naturally, TERRA MIA has turned into my favorite pizza joint. Good thing the boys like it too (even if it does cost more than Five Buck Pizza...yuck!)

 Oh, and they have gelato...
Baby D LOVES IT!!! (is that really a surprise?)
So cute. Until he starts demanding MORE when it is all gone....
Good thing he's such a happy baby.

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Have Your Way said...

Hahah baby D is seriously so cute when he SMILES!!! ahh!!

Seems to me that the guys are having a blast!!!


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