Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby D's favorite workout

Crawling all over the house (or riding in the BOB) goes without saying, right?
I have a ridiculous amount of photos from the last week or so, and they just happened to fall under this theme...mostly, this post is for my parents and sibs. Because they will probably actually think it is funny. Enjoy...
Start off by making sure to stay hydrated.
 Then ease into your workout with some easy stretching.
Add in some finger pointing. Torches calories.
More finger pointing. Don't knock it till you've tried it.
Now that you are sufficiently warmed up, 
you can start your workout with a light swim.
Some squats to really start burning calories....
Bear crawls and ball kicks, now that your legs are warmed up.
some moves to work your inner and outer thighs...
and finish up your legs by doing some calf raises.
 Then work those arms by lifting some weights...
And finish that upper body with some yoga.
After such an exhausting workout, you will be hungry.
You have two options: 1) Steal some food from a neighbor
Or 2) hope B-man can teach you how to cook.
Laughing burns calories too.
Make sure to get your protein so your muscles rebuild properly.
Animal crackers are in the protein group, right?
 You can then feel better about spending the rest of the day lounging...
hey, you've had a tough workout today! You deserve it!
Can't get enough Baby D? Check out his mad soccer skills here.


Have Your Way said...

that was SOOO cute Ruth!!!! he is such a doll! Wish I lived closer so I could see this little cutie in real life!!

Stefanie D. said...

Baby D is the cutest!!! This post is too funny. I love it!

sarah said...

dk + i have been doing the finger pointing stretches everyday. we are getting so strong!! baby d should definitely do a workout vid. like jillian michaels. it'll be all the rage in babyland.

Missy said...

I will never get enough of your previous babe! He is such a cutie!

anna. said...

water bottle pic = best

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