Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2011 Utah Valley Half Marathon race recap

Okay, so I'm only like 3 days behind everyone else on this recap business, but better late than never, right?

Friday's Pre-game party: Yogurtland (where else?). Seriously, Utah Bloggers/Runners keep that place in business! Especially since I never actually ate a "real" dinner (whoops). Fro-yo and ridiculous amounts of fruity and chocolately toppings would have to do. It was nice to chat and relax a bit after packing and getting all wound up for the race... I sure do love these girls!!
Then I raced home, grabbed my bags and was off to Sari's family cabin (with her parents and brother, Peter) up at Sundance. Have I mentioned how much I love this girl?!? Her mom made us the most heavenly popcorn (with coconut oil...who knew?!) when we got there. We got to sleep in until the glorious hour of 4:45am...at which time we were all well aware that most people racing UV had already been waiting for/riding busses for an HOUR. Yikes. I don't think I could have thanked Sari and family enough. Especially her cute mom for taking a picture with her iphone.

Two of my favorite quotes of the 12 or so hours I spent with them... (when asked if she had received a text message someone sent earlier) "No, I haven't been on my computer today." and just before we took this picture... "Does it have a flash?" Priceless. Thanks, Mrs. C. :)
We made our way to the dropoff at 5:30ish, went to the bathroom and before we knew it were making our way to the bag drop off... where I completely lost Sari!! :( I was so bummed because I wanted to at least run the first mile with her, but before I knew it I could see people running up ahead of me!! What!? I crossed the start a full 6 minutes after the gun had gone off (or had it...?).

I decided to start off without any music. It makes me fast(er) and I usually try to make my first mile my slowest (which is SO hard to do!) and speed it up from there. I had my handy dandy list tucked into my shirt and would read it at each mile marker to remind myself who I was running that mile for. If you didn't catch the (full) list the first time around, it's here.

Some highlights:

Mile 3. the only hilly part. thinking about Amax (who I ran redonk hills with freshman year) and Mager (ran me to my 10k PR) were my pushers here! also happened to run unto Stef and Rochelle... girlfriends are the best.

Mile 4. Bananas (swapped from the original with Mr. D). mostly...I miss you.

Mile 6: I just imagined chatting with Laura and then having hard core Cassidy trying to beat me :) Miss running with you girls!

Mile 9: I swear to you, Bianca, I passed a spectating family with quadruplets. Cutest kids in their PJ's and everything!

Miles 12 and 13: There was a reason I put Em and Baby D at the end.. I knew if I was really pushing myself (and I was!) I would be dying come these last two miles. For those of you who don't know Em, she is my little sister's old roomie, who happened to get hit by a car and lost her left leg right below the knee last February. She only recently got a prosthetic but it is super painful to walk in :(

And...while I know Emily would never actually do this (she is seriously one of the sweetest people I have ever known), I imagined her durings mile 12 and 13, (holding my Baby D and) screaming in my face (Jillian Michaels style) "You think this is pain?! You have NO idea what pain feels like. You think it's hard to run right now?! You have TWO legs!! TWO! NOW RUN HARDER!!! GOOO!!"
It is no coincidence. Thank you for my 2 fastest miles, TIEM :) It was all for you!!!!

So... 13.1 miles with NO music.
Funny how my 5k and now half marathon PR's were both in races where I had music but chose not to listen to it. And it was one of the most Zen, incredible (running) experiences I have ever had. 
Mind over matter, right??

#34 of 282 in my age group
#363 out of 1949 overall... not too shabby!

I felt like I gave this race my ALL right up until the end (in which I thought I was going to dieee) and got to see these guys at the end... right after they handed me my very FIRST finishers medal (memo to me: I need to only sign up for races that give me medals!!) and I bawled like a baby until I saw the smoothie stand and got one for Baby D (who promptly got smoothie all over me) and then CHOCOLATE MILK!!! my favorite post-race recovery snack!
What a fantastic race... but it was so crowded! I was glad to have my cell phone or else I may never have found my boys! Thank you to everyone who left me sweet comments and well-wishes!!!

I could barely walk yesterday (my poor knees going downhill/stairs?! spare me!) and spent the bulk of Saturday morning cursing the running world in between naps... but after a few foamrolls and a slow 2 miler, today I am feeling much better (those quads are still sore though) and even plotting out.. dare I say it??

My first marathon. I'm hoping for this fall! Details on which one as soon as Mr. D sinks his teeth into a job...


Have Your Way said...

So proud of you Ruth!!! I dont think I could EVER run without music. It keeps me going, pumps me up for sure. I hope your legs start to feel better soon. love from the state with buckeyes and no head coach for the fall<3

Julia said...

yayyyyyyy!!! you are a freaking rock star Ruth! so proud of you! and negative splits! woooo hoooo! AMAZING RUN! I agree...I actually liked most parts of the race where I was running without music the best! The scenery and race atmosphere was awesome...and I loved just being able to take it all in :) Congrats again! you are amazing!

Rochelle said...

YAY!! You got your negative splits you wanted! And I was so impressed when you passed us...you looked amazing! I can't believe you didn't listen to music - I couldn't have done it without songs! So happy for you! You are amazing!!

Samantha said...

This is so awesome. The list of running a mile for a person is such a great idea.

You had an amazing time! You better be super proud of yourself, lady :)

Yayy for your first full!!!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Ruth!! I love reading your recap. I love hearing everyones stories. I am beyond proud of you girl. You really are such an amazing runner. You should be so proud of yourself. Who sets a PR 10 months post baby? You do! You rock my world.

I think you are definitely ready for the transition to a marathon. I am seriously giddy with excitement for you.

Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom said...

Great job!

sarah said...

AYAYAAAAAAAAAAAA! ((((((: marathoningmarathoningmarathoning! so proud of you!!

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Next time I'll put on makeup after I read your blog post. I adore, admire & love you!

Missy said...

Fantastic job chica! You and your family are so cute!

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