Sunday, May 29, 2011

Worthington Ward reunion!

The Taylors were in town this weekend, so a reunion was in order.
I love these girls!!!
Shalee (on the left) has grown up in the ward with us as long as I can remember.
Cheri (on the right) and I have known each other since I was FIVE. That's 20 years!!
 And of course the Worthington boys...
Tyler, John and Cheri's brothers: Chris and Mike.
 Aaaand the whole gang together still looking as good as we did 10 years ago.
and with all the spouses and kiddos (although I think we are missing a few kids...)
Don't mind Baby D. He's only trying to punch that poor little girl.
Classic. Then he worked on stealing all her toys. Success.


anna. said...

so jealous! wish i could have been there ) :

Rachelle Wardle said...

Love all of the pictures! It looks like you had a fun day.

I can't wait to see you again tomorrow. :)

Julia said...

awwwww! baby D! so cute...stealing toys. haha!

see you tomorrow. thanks for the sweet text yesterday and thanks for pushing me in the run! could not have done it without you :)

Stefanie D. said...

Baby D. OMG. That has got to be the best picture ever! He looks so mad! Hahahaha.

sarah said...

your hair is SO stinking long and gorgeous!! so jealous. love seeing everyone all together again (: we had a mini-youngergeneration-reunion today at the singles ward with mike lawson, brian + mike martin, and jessia + nicole williams. just love you too.

Samantha said...

hahaha! Baby D is fist pumpin.

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