Friday, May 06, 2011

week 2 of not getting my USWeekly.
Good thing I am still two episodes behind on Khloe and Lamar.
Not to mention I've been dealing with this for the last month:
Oy vey. Yeah, that's my gross art classroom.
Have I mentioned that while I love art, I cannot STAND messes??
Augh. That sculpture class is sweet but sooo messy.

Well, teaching art does have its perks... I essentially get to play and make stuff all day. Want a sneak peek of my very first giveaway??? It's still a work in progress, but here you go....
Hopefully this will be enough to convince my mom to learn how to comment on my blog. :)
GET EXCITED. MAY 23rd. Be there here for our FIRST giveaway. 
It will be thebombdotcom
On the docket for tomorrow?? 
Volunteering (and cheering) at the UV Marathon,
meeting Stefanie's Little C (future gf for sure) for breakfast at Kneader's
a long run with Cass and Oakers (and the BOB) if we're lucky :)
And visiting Mr. D at the BYU baseball game... 
assuming Baby D doesn't get too sick of seeing me all day :)


Julia said...

ohhh! i hope I see you tomorrow :) so jealous you all are going to breakfast! totally wish I could come too :) LOVE both of you!

sounds like such a fun day planned for tomorrow! loving that the weather is supposed to be so nice!

Have Your Way said...

Have fun with all your fun filled day :) Totally wished I lived in Utah so I could do fun things with blog friends :(

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