Thursday, May 05, 2011

TTT: obsessions, skype, strangest child in the world

Three Tangent Thursday is HERE!! I love love love Thursdays, because they are one day away from Friday (go ahead and sing it I know you want to... gotta get down on Friday) and they are my favorite day of the week to catch up on my DVR. Random? Maybe. 

Kind of like TTT. Where I share three random tangents about myself, and then YOU give me three tangents about yourself in the comment section, okay?? Here we go.

Tangent #1: Two things I am obsessed with right now? This Infantino (BabyBjorn knockoff) and trashy magazines. Baby D is up to 21 pounds (eek!) so I only have 4 more pounds till I have to figure out some other way to carry him around. Probably the best baby thing I purchased (although I still wonder if the Bjorn is more comfortable??) because I use it anytime I go anywhere. And my US Weekly never made it to my mailbox this last week, and Khloe was on it, so I'm a little upset about that at the moment.

Tangent #2: I LOVE skyping my sisters. And seeing Baby D's face light up as they play peekaboo with him. Too bad we can't skype when he is not in that high chair of his since he adores closing the laptop almost as much as he loves his aunties :) who are also the best babysitters ever... too bad they live across the country.

Tangent #3: I am fairly certain I have one of the ONLY children in the whole world who REFUSES to put anything in his mouth. No food, toys, ANYTHING. I think I caught him putting my phone and a piece of broccoli in his mouth long enough for me to snap a picture for this blog and he has never ever done it since. Strangest child award goes to...
poop face. Literally. Not to be confused with Mr. D, Poopface.
And apparently I also used to have a massive blue vein in the center of my face... the only thing he got from his momma. A blue vein and a serious addiction for avocados.
 Are you ready for Baby D's two BEST looks? This pouty one when he's sleeping... 
(he went from sleeping in 4 hours spurts to sleeping 8-12 hours solid the MOMENT he figured out how to sleep on his tummy. We sure did luck out. And he still looks like a Bug to me.)
 BEST FACE EVERRRR. Right when he wakes up, and right before he plops himself in an upright sitting position to punch his bears/scream if he's not immediately taken out of his crib. Oh I love that boy.

OH and also, the cutest, hot mama Stefanie featured me on her blog this week!! She and I seriously have paralell lives and our babies will probably elope while at BYU... anyways, go check out her blog!
Your turn... three tangents about you???


Rachelle Wardle said...

Your baby D is the absolute cutest! I love all the fun pictures of him. You are to lucky he doesn't stick random things in his mouth. wow! My neices and nephews will eat anything and it can be scary.

I love US magazine too and can't get enough of celebrity gossip. Have a great day! :)

Stefanie D. said...

Ahhh, thanks for the shout out!

I LOVE that face!! Too funny! I love watching Little C sleep. She is so peaceful and I have a hard time not picking her up and cuddling her. I probably check on her like 5 times before I even go to bed.

1. I am disgustingly obsessed with Kneaders. Like I could eat there every day of my life.

2. Little C hates being on her tummy for very long! She's finally to the point that she'll just roll back over to her back, but for the longest time she would flip herself over to her tummy, and start to cry because she couldn't get back to her back. Silly girl.

3. Your comments always make me laugh. Like I seriously start laughing outloud...and my coworkers give me strange looks. :) I am so glad we are bloggy buddies!! Let's be real life friends too, ok?

Julia said...

seriously! best face everrrr! you were not even kidding. I love that you all have parallel lives and I am secretly hoping that your kids fall in love at 2 years old...haha! they would be SO cute together. I am obsessed with ALL of the pictures that you and Stef post of your babies!

tangents about me...I am obsessed with dark choc pb right now. haha. I seriously can't get enough of it. I also drink crystal light like its my job. and lastly...I MISS YOU! please get back in my life soon!

Have Your Way said...

CUTE boy for real!! Ahh Skype is seriously so amazing!!

anna. said...

sleepy faces <3

sarah said...


Andrea said...

The photo of Baby D going wild with excitement from talking with his aunts on skype is priceless. Great job at capturing that photo!

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