Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day 10k

Started off the morning with a TON of cold cold rain...isn't it almost June??
Then our [free] 10k ended up starting almost 30 minutes late. Yikes. 
I forgot my camera, so thanks to Julia for the pic!
Julia, Stef, me [and Cassidy, not paying attention]
I sure do love these girls!!! 
Can anyone can please find Mr. D a [full-time, anything related to sports] job here ASAP so I don't have to move and find new running buddies???

Speaking of Mr. D, special thanks go out to him for watching Baby D this morning (like he does 5 days a week, six if you include my long runs on Saturday) and then taking him to my race to cheer me across the finish line, even though he was sick! I really could not do this whole running mom thing without him. He is and has always been my #1 support, even if it means Kix for dinner and a month of dust accumulation on our floors (don't worry, I finally cleaned house today)... because sometimes me getting a workout [or nap] in seems to trump everything else. :) I love you, honey!! You really are the greatest.
When the race started, Cass bolted out there like her pants were on fire!! So much for starting slow! :) I didn't want to burn out too early (I was thinking, hoping, praying for under 10 minute miles and to finish under an hour) but it looks like I didn't have to worry about that!

Mile 3 was the roughest because I dropped my phone, was having a cough attack and had the most hillwork. Other than that I felt good (I kept reminding myself I had a half marathon in 10 days so I wouldn't do anything stupid like break a leg!), I mean really good.

The three things that motivated me the most in this race were [1] thinking about how big/miserable I felt at this time last year and how many minutes (hours, weeks, months) I had spent praying to once again feel that runner's high feeling again, and I had it! [2] the cutest Rachelle running the last mile with me, snapping pictures and just being her sweet little self and chatting with me... priceless, my dear!! Thank you so much!!! and [3] knowing that hubs and Baby D would be eagerly waiting to see me cross the finish line!
Um, just over 52 minutes and my pre-baby PR is... 51:49?! Whaaat?! (and I remember running that Rex Lee 10k with Mager and her hubby and thinking I was going to DIE afterwards) Either I never hit my potential back in the day, or I am back and better than ever!! I like to think it's more the latter. And maybe pushing a jogging stroller is making me stronger? Who knows.

How appropriate is this quote from John Bingham:
"Believe that you can run farther or faster. Believe that you're young enough, old enough, strong enough, and so on to accomplish everything you want to do. Don't let worn out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself."

This morning was truly wonderful, especially running through the cemetery and thinking about the first time I went to Washington DC and went through the war memorials. Freedom is never free and I am so grateful for those people who have fought and continue to fight for me so that I can do silly things that make me happy like run a race with my friends and blog about it.


Lisa Staples said...

Pushing the jogging stroller builds stamina!! I said this on your Daily Mile and I'll post it again..Your awesome!Good run! Don't EVER underestimate yourself. Just gotta get out of that comfort zone and you can accomplish amazing things!

Julia said...

Ruth!! your splits are amazing!! you totally rocked this race. WOW. I am so excited for you and SO proud of you for just going out and killing it! you are awesome! I totally lost you at the start and never saw you were out dominating this course!

Loved seeing are definitely back stronger than ever. I see a new 10k PR in your future ;) Congrats!

Mandy said...

You are so inspiring. Seriously. I need to get off the couch.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

MR. D is the best!! COUGH ATTACK?!?! OH NO!!! Girl, you look GORGEOUS!! Bummer about the rain! You did AMAZING!! CONGRATS!!! LOVE YOU!!

Eric and Andrea said...

Great job Kron. Look at you, running running and running some more. I'm very envious of you!! I too remember the Rex Lee 10k we ran and wanted to vomit afterward. Didn't we calculate that we ran 7ish minute miles though?? I can't quite remember. Anyways best of luck on your half marathon in 10 days!!!

sarah said...

oh my GOSHHH you are a rockstar!!!! looks like you'll be the one lapping me if/WHEN we run together in the fall!! (:

Have Your Way said...

Great time Ruth! I have never ran a 10k but I would LOVE to run another race soon.

So jealous of your long hair, I want mine to grow like NOW.

Rochelle said...

Ummm...where did you come from! YOU DID AMAZING!!! I had in my head we would run the uv half together...but I'll just be slowing you WAY down! You go get that sub 2 half marathon while I'll be chilling taking my time...LOL I'm so dang impressed. And the stroller definitely builds strength...WAY TO GO!!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Amazing job---I say you are definitely back and better than ever. And you were hoping for 10 minute miles? You managed that and then a lot more!!!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Ruth you are seriously such a rockstar and I loved running that last little bit with you. You seriously deserve all the credit because all I did was probably slow you down. (Although I loved chatting with you).

Keep up the great work girl because I know you have it in you and great things are going to come in your future! Your positive attitude and happy demeanor are contagious and I just love you to peices.

P.S. I have some great pictures of you and will get them up today so you can steal them. :)

Missy said...

Good job girlie!

anna. said...

how have all these people commented and none have mentioned that you only listed 2 things that kept you motivated during your race? your friends are too nice. luckily you have me to keep you on track ( :

sarah said...

HAHA just noticed anna's comment.. naturally she would notice and no one else in the world would. now i'm curious what the last motivator was!!! probably... [3] your super-awesome kdash sisters? obviously yes.

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