Sunday, May 08, 2011

mama's day

Little known fact: once I left for college, I made a habit of calling my mom every.single day.
I'm sure it helped that I usually had a 20-30 minute walk to and from campus every weekday, but in reality, I just loved hearing her reassuring voice and feeling like we didn't live 2000 miles apart.
Then I had Baby D. And the minutes where I am not working, eating, sleeping, or running after him are few and far between. Our daily phone calls are lucky if they're weekly. But I still love her and think of her every day and look back at those hours we talked on the phone with nothing but happiness. She is amazing.
Happy Mother's Day to my lovely Mama Astrid!
And my first mother's day? Awesome.


Laura said...

This is my favorite picture of your sweet little family!!

anna. said...

me too! love it and love MOM.

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