Thursday, May 26, 2011

love letters, purple shirts, gogurt boy

three tangent thursday!!!
Tangent #1: My most favorite Senior student (a special ed. student who has struggled in past years in "regular ed" classes) gave me a thank you note yesterday... "Thanks for being my sculpture teacher. Thanks for letting me make a Stormtrooper helmet."
Better believe I was bawling my eyes out (hence the sunglasses) and all I had was Photo Booth (hence the flipped image).
Speaking of letters, I finally sent of the second letter I have written (I know, I am a horrible friend!) to one of my favorite people, Sister Maxwell, who has been in Sweden for almost 18 months.
In my defense, I have been writing a letter EVERY OTHER WEEK to my BIL on a mission in California. I feel like all I do on Sundays is write letters!

Tangent #2: Exactly a year ago, I took the picture on the left... now I can wear the same shirt again!  Man was I sooo uncomfortable this time last year... and I can't say I miss those stretchy maternity pants at ALL.

Tangent #3: Only one more week of school till I am full time with GoGurt Boy!!!


Julia said...

awww! I bet teaching is so rewarding...especially when you get sweet notes like that :) excited for your giveaway!! woo hoo!

have a wonderful day and I cannot wait to see you this weekend!

Samantha said...

haha! What a cute note! It seems like that student really appreciates you :)

Rachelle Wardle said...

I seriously believe that special needs children are put on the earth to teach us all lessons. They are the absolute best.

I am so jealous of all of you teachers!! I sooo wish there was an end to my office job. ha! So excited you get to spend your Summer with your handsome little man.

Kiley said...

Nice belly! Isn't it crazy when you look back at how big you can get when you're prego?! CRAZY

Missy said...

Okay you look super cute prego but look even more awesome in the pic on the right!
Hot mama!

Stefanie D. said...

YES. One week! That's awesome. :) I'm kinda jealous. You look so fabulous!! Love that shirt.

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