Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lets talk running. and playdates?

First off, I cannot believe how wonderful all of my friends and family are!!! I was overwhelmed (in a good way) with sweet comments, emails, texts, and phone calls from everyone concerned for my well-being after that last post! Thank you SO so much and like I said, I am just fine, its really not a huge deal, and I'll post about it eventually, and since I am not good at explaining things, I'll be sure include a flow chart and some visuals. :) I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am to be in such good company with so many Christlike people. Which makes my little issue seem so petty and insignificant, but I feel loved nevertheless.

Now onto the good stuff...

Saturday I ran 8 miles.
At 6 o'clock in the morning. I had my little fanny pack, water, shot blocks, garmin, ipod, keys and cell... I was ready for anything! Ironic that I got this quote in my email this morning...

"Of course, I know all the gear in the world won't make me a better runner. Only time and effort do that. But all the gadgets over the years have sure made my training a lot more interesting—and fun."
John Bingham, "Ready for Takeoff," Runner's World 

It. Was. Awesome. Best run of 2011.

For someone like me who had to stop running cold turkey from last February-August, it was the first time in a LOOONG time I finally felt like a "real" runner. I had rhythm, it felt (mostly) good, and I felt that high like I have been craving (but haven't felt) in over a year. There is something to be said for early morning long runs (without a screaming child). They are heaven. I hope I can do another one this Saturday!

I even had a few minutes before Stef and Little C came over to take an "ice bath" ... I got the idea from Holley. :) All I can tolerate is some really cold water (I'm a total wuss) and 5 minutes is literally about all I get... can you see why??  Sneak peek of my life, right here:
Sorry, that's about all I can write about running for the moment. Forewarning: The rest of this post is just mom-jibberish. :)
I bribed Stef over to my house by offering to make Kneader's French Toast (heaven!) [recipe upcoming] she'd never tried before so I could see her and little C again. I took a bazillion pictures but this was the only one with both kids looking!
Oh those cheeks! It was great to talk to someone equally stressed about our half marathon in 20-something days. Don't mind my mammoth arms. Thanks for coming to visit me, Stef! You are so so sweet and it really made my day to have this little (cheapo) playdate... we need to start plotting some blogger picnic potlucks.
 After all the excitement, Baby D and I needed some refuelling. I made a salad I was SO excited for... and one guess who ate all my blackberries???
 Yup, that's the little booger. Counting all the blueberries he can convince me to shove in his mouth at once.
 Our friend Little J came over yesterday! And insisted to sit in the high chair, even though he's 3??? So funny. What a character of a kid.
We still can't get Baby D to feed himself regular food... so we have a little fun with this little quirk and have taught Baby D to give the Kevs treats. BUT.... we did get him to finally start holding his own bottle!! It only took 10 months to figure it out.
What a stinker. :)


Lisa Staples said...

Glad to hear you had an awesome run! As for the ice baths. I have yet to try one. I'm an even bigger wuss!

Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

oh no! the dreaded ice bath! ah! wasn't it SO cold! i mean i almost died, but you look like you handled it MUCH better than me! Cute cute babies! So fun you guys go together to play!

sarah said...

oh my GOSH baby d is looking so much bigger + older each day!! CRAZY! you go you crazy mama runner, you! (;

Have Your Way said...

I dont know how long or far my runs are nowadays, but I have NEVER had an ice bath. Ahhh playdates so cute!!! Keep running! You will get it all back chica!!! xx

Missy said...

Yay for a good run! That's exactly what you needed girl!
And of course...you and Stefanie have the cutest babes in the world! That is of course until I have my own children lol

Rachelle Wardle said...

Love all of the pictures Ruth! Baby D and baby C are absolutely adorable together!! I am so proud of you for getting your 8-miler in. Great job you are awesome!

Also my nephew is 11 months and still refuses to hold his own bottle. He is so spoiled. :)

Julia said...

AWESOME RUN!!! I know that felt so good! And loving the playdate pics :) So cute and I am so glad you all can get together with the kiddos!

You are truly fabulous...hang in there during these stressful times! we definitely need a blogger potluck! that would be so fun and relaxing :)

Stefanie D. said...

Ahhhh, CUTE BABIES!! I just love this. :) We can have cheap playdates any day!

I'm game for a blogger potluck. Let's do it!

anna. said...

umm i totally taught him that a long time ago. you guys must just not make him practice like i did ( :

just love baby d and johnny!

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