Monday, May 02, 2011

Fast Five

I promise a blog about running tomorrow but for now, we have need for a weekend update.
Baby D and I took advantage of the one day of niceness where the grass was SO unbelievably green and gorgeous this week by taking a photo shoot (look for it on wordless wednesday). This is my favorite outtake. OH I love those cheeks.
 Then we went to the MOA with auntie Surah before she left us FOREVER (okay, just for three LONG months).
 The war propaganda exhibit at the MOA had some sweet donald duck videos... with Hitler???
Since we've been married FIVE years, I decided to get Mr. D five presents (and it helped that he got me 5 as well!). Present #1 started on Friday, I took a half day to bring Surah over to babysit (a huge thing for a guy who is at home with Baby D all day!! and Surah thank you x a million billion!!) and took Mr. D out to do two things we loved doing when we were DINKs... movies (Present #2) and mini golf (Present #3).

Mr. D also likes when I don't spend money, and I happened to have some free movie passes from my birthday so we went and watched "Fast and Furious Five" which was AWESOME but mini golf... was a little cold. Totally worth it though.
 Remember how it's almost May/SUMMER????
Oh how I love that man. The guy has some serious swagger. 
And uses a pen to keep score. 
(Keeping score is pretty much pointless since he dominates me in every game)
 Oh, and this was Present #4... gotta show off my mad artist skills somehow (and didn't cost me a dime). I calculated how many seconds are in 5 years... 157,784,630 in case you were wondering.
 I think this may be my favorite picture of the two of us... mostly because since I am wearing the stilettos Mr. D bought me, I am almost as tall as he is! (I'm just over 5' and he is 6')
I've had a few requests for marriage advice (since we've been married SO long, I know!)
so here are MY (opinion of) 5 keys to a good marriage:

1) Love your partner more than you love yourself. Always keep them in mind. This is something we have always done but is HUGE when you introduce a baby into the mix.

2) Be willing to make sacrifices. I was the big spender in our relationship and really had to learn (with Mr. D's assistance) to budget and control my spending, but it has become a great blessing in our marriage.

3) Have a life outside of marriage and family. Running, art, reading (and naps and food!) are what makes me happy and Mr. D knows that doing any one of those keeps me sane!

4) Communication. Talk about your hopes, dreams, frustrations, everything.

5) Well this one ties into Present #5... one on one "couples time" even for a few minutes a day is a MUST. Remember that kids will come and go, but in the beginning and in the end it is just the two of you! And I'll leave my description of present #5 at that :)

Okay, enough of the mushy stuff, here's the rest of the weekend: with Aunti Surah the Dinosaur...
And after 5 days (which is a full schoolteacher's week, anyways) I finished my sugar fast with 5 chocolate cupcakes to make up for all that missed chocolate :) Sure I didn't make it to 7 full days, but I realized after doing it that I didn't NEED to cut sugar out, cold turkey. I do NOT like/approve of sugar substitutes and I DO usually eat very healthy on a daily basis. 

I have never been one of those all or nothing people, but I AM one of those people who goes crazy when I am deprived of something (did I mention I ate an entire honeydew melon AND a half a watermelon AND a pint of strawberries in attempt to curb my chocolate cravings??). I love running and eating chocolate/goodies is my favorite reason to run.

I also have this weird thing where after I eat something too sugary (like a cookie) I chase it with carrots or a salad or some equally healthy alternative. Weird, I know. So.... the sugar fast was a bust (don't worry, I will make up for it during my giveaway in less than a month, I promise!) but I got a sa-weet Bountiful Basket this week! And Osama Bin Laden was found dead this evening, so what better way to start off a week?? FIVE WEEKS LEFT, BABY.
Then I get a WHOLE summer with this guy...
 Minus the snow, of course :) Happy Monday!

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Have Your Way said...

Ooo sounds like a sweet weekend and yay for some marriage advice!!! I saw all about the death on Facebook---I was OUT COLD when all of this was taking place on the news. OOPS!! xx

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