Friday, May 06, 2011

Cinco de Mayo Guac!

I know you probably can't tell by looking at my albino child, but I am half Chilean, hispanic and all that, so you know there is quite a bit of ethnic blood in me... unfortunately that never really translated to "I can make a mean empanada" since I'm pretty sure I never even tried a (legit) empanada till high school (mom, go ahead and correct me if I'm wrong). My mom has never been one for cooking (white rice and hot dogs are staples in the Kron household) but MAN was our house always spotless!! Um and did I mention I never tried mexican or chinese or indian food till my senior year in high school???

And now, after being married over 5 years I realize why my mother never showed an interest in cooking....when you don't cook anything, cleaning the house is SO much easier!! (and she loves cleaning) But my mother is brilliant and amazing in a million different ways and not a day goes by that I don't wish my house were even half as spotless as hers. :) But that's for another [upcoming] post! Here's a picture of my fabulous parents... guess which one I most resemble??
Yeah, someone had to steal all the hispanic genes....
Anna Carrera, WAOW-Newsline 9.
Otherwise known as Bananas, my baby-sister-turned-hot-stuff-TV-reporter.
Oh, you also wanted to see my other sister, Surah?
Oh don't worry, it STILL boggles my mind that I'm the only one married of the bunch.
My sisters are hot. I'm secure enough to admit that.
[[Let me know if anyone has any attractive, available younger brothers??]]

Anyways, the point of all that is, that it's incredible we sisters all grew up in the same (non-cooking) household since we are all pretty much obsessed with baking and cooking stuff now that we've moved out of the house. So every time we come home, our parents eagerly hand over the credit card, send us loose at Kroger's, and await the (most of the time very messy but yummy) results.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, 
here you have my all-time favorite and best loved GUACAMOLE recipe:

STEP 1: First, go get a bunch of avocados. Sunflower Market had them at 
3 for $1 last week and here's what we have left after eating about half:

 I REALLY like a lot of tomatoes in my guac, 
so I put only one less tomato than avocados, 
but you can ratio it how you like. I used 3 tomatoes.
 STEP 2: DICE 'EM (the tomatoes that is)!
 STEP 3: I am a little weird and dice the avocados before spooning them out. 
I feel like it makes it easier to get the avocado out, but maybe its just habit. I used 4 avocados.
 sidenote with the avocados: don't ever get the round ones. because you will usually get jipped by a ginormous seed like this and lets be honest, this wouldn't be enough avocado for even Baby D.
STEPS 4 and 5 and 6: Mash the avocados with a fork, toss the tomatoes on top, and then add in (to taste) a swirl or two of lemon juice, a dusting apiece of pepper, sea salt, and garlic powder.
Super exact, to be sure... but I have realized over time that as long as you keep tasting as you go along, you really cannot go wrong with guacamole. I also had some fresh chopped cilantro frozen from a few weeks ago and threw in a handful of that, too. Nothing better in guac than fresh cilantro!
Mix it all up and... tah-dah!!!

The best thing about guac is it is so versatile... you can eat it straight out of the container
With day-old expired (but only 99 cents!) tortilla chips
Or my personal favorite, with a fork (keeping a watchful eye out for Mr. D, in case he should come home early and want a bite). Did I mention this was my dinner tonight?? HEAVEN.
om nom nom so good. 
so go make yourself some cinco de mayo guac this weekend because its almost Friday!!!


Julia said...

thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! just stalked your comment on Rochelle's and girl...guac is incredibly important to blog world. and that guac looks delicious!! thanks for sharing :) you are super fabulous and your fam pics are amazing :) have a wonderful night!

Cheri said...

Might I add a few suggestions to your recipe.
If you are one for onions...SERIOUSLY finely chopped red or white onions kick guac up a notch! Using limes instead of lemons is another nice addition. AND always de-seed your tomatoes!

Have Your Way said...

I just tried guac this semester and I really liked it. I am have cuban and I seriously feel like I dont look it unless I am tan. hah

Missy said...

Oh yum! I am definitely trying your simple and easy recipe! I am currently in love with wholly guacamole by the way!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Yummy! Thanks for sharing. You are so cute Ruth and I love all of the pictures. You totally crack me up! Have a great weekend girl. :)

sarah said...

Oh my gosh ahhaha as soon as I got home last night M+D legit handed me the Kroger/credit card and I went nuts getting all sorts of yummy, fresh produce and other goods (: mm love the kdash sisters <3 you are too sweet. The guac looks fanTAStic though, I'll definitely be trying it! Slash you are gorgeous.. bye!

Andrea said...

Looks super delish! I think I fall on your mom's side where I'm not one to cook much... however my house is NOT spotless and so I have no excuse.

The Quilted Moose said...

You forgot the Jalepeno's! And fresh corn! And chopped onion! Just polished off a bowl myself. It's the bestest meal!!! love you!

anna. said...

YUM...guac. looks delicious.

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