Monday, April 25, 2011

weekend update

To say I have SO much to catch up on is quite the understatement... but that's what happens when you start spring cleaning (which will hopefully go through the next few weekends to get it all done!). So I'll start with the important stuff.

Baby D turned 9 months old! we celebrated by going to a BYU baseball game... Oh I love those eyes.
 And hung out with Aunti Concessa
 And Granny and Charlie
 And then got some yummy Bountiful baskets :)
OH I love that fridge full of prepped produce
 especially with my teething little helper :)
We had a great Easter at Drew and Michelle's...
(Don't worry, he still doesn't put REAL food in his mouth!)
Thanks for the Easter card, Aunti Bananas!!!
Yeah. We had quite an exhausting weekend.


Rachael said...

SO cute!!! I love your updates Ruth. He's looking less like a baby though cause of that long boy hair he's got. I need to see you guys soon.

Have Your Way said...

Sounds like a great weekend :)

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