Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TTT: 3 year old Kevs, Dolls, Sugar Fast, and BONUS tangent

Yes, its not quite Thursday, but I have a really fun post planned for tomorrow, 
so here is your three tangent thursday:
you can read his birth story here. That's like 80 in cat years or something. What an old cranky man. He still drives me crazy sometimes, but since he gets along so well with/is SO patient with Baby D (and keeps him entertained!) then I guess he's a keeper. 
Seriously, if you haven't seen the video from my last post, GO.DO.IT.NOW!
Tangent #2: My AMAZING sister, Surah, is leaving me this week to go back home and make money over the summer. I AM SO BUMMED! Why she wouldn't want to stay dirt poor and go running and hang out with me and Baby D all summer by the pool is beyond my realm of understanding. I will miss her SO SO MUCH. She is most def. in my top 2 favorite sisters... LOVE YOU DOLL!! Don't worry, Bananas, we still miss you!
Tangent #3: This Sugar Fast is SO much harder than I thought it would be!! I can't believe how often I eat candy/sugar-related goodies. Pretty much all my dreams now revolve around eating candy, which would be great if A) I lived in CandyLand, or B) I didn't wake up feeling SUPER guilty. 

Needless to say, I have been eating/drinking my weight in fruit smoothies (nothing in my smoothies but ACTUAL FRUIT... I'm looking at you, McDonalds-that-puts-an-entire-quart-of-sugar-in-their-so-called-"fruit"-smoothies). I even took some advice on the coconut front, and braved opening the coconut (with some help from my boys!) to add that yummy sweet nectar to my smoothie! Two days down, five to go!

 Yeah, we drink straight out of the blender in this house.
Any thing we can do to eliminate more cleanup. OM NOM NOM.
BONUS TANGENT... Mr. D and I have an anniversary tomorrow!!! eek! He has already bought me some AWESOME stuff, like these cute new ADIDAS running shorts (I guess the yoga pants I "trimmed" down to capris with a pair of blunt scissors were losing their appeal), STILLETTOS (!!), and of course my awesomesauce camera without which this blog would be OVER because what is my blog without pictures?? Oh, right, BORING and UNREADABLE :)

Also, I nearly didn't post that middle picture because I swear I look preggers in it (I AM NOT) but its the only good one with the SWEET heels, so it will have to do.

Okay, your turn, tell me THREE TANGENTS about you!!!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Love it! Sugar fast is hard, isn't it?
1. I am also now eating 74 pounds of fruit/veg a day to make up for the lack of sugar in my diet.
2. I'm jealous of you for the following reasons: awesome new shorts, awesome new hells, awesome adorable kids! So cute!
3. It's 8:05 and I'm seriously considering heading to bed. I'm exhausted!

Julia said...

good job on the sugar fast. I still may die if I give up cant go there. haha.

LOVE your new shorts! those are awesome!

you and your sis are super cute :)

lets see...some tangents: I worked out for longer than an hour today and found it necessary to have a snack every hour because suddenly i was worried i might starve.
Riley likes to lick my face while I do any sort of workout on my floor. It makes me laugh but drives me crazy at the same time!


Have Your Way said...

1. I ate 6 and a half pancakes for dinner at a diner that has all you can eat pancakes for 2 dollars!
2. I def. dont know how to make a legit smoothie and wish I could
3. I am LOVING my spring break

Stefanie D. said...

I am so sorry you are having candy dreams!!! That has got to be the worst.

OMG. It's too late for me to think of tangents...I have actually been eating a butt load of veggies rather than fruit. Kind of weird.

I saw a camel today. Weird.

I also saw a group of kinds all dressed in black. They were screaming at me as I was running, but I had no idea what they were saying because I had my music blaring. Oh well.

The end! Have a great night!

Rachael said...

Loving all three of your tangents.
Here are my tangents for Thursday.
1. I'm planning on cleaning my whole house in just one hour total so that I can get my nails done for the Davis Education Gala before I have to go to work.
2. I want to come to Provo on Tuesday to attend a baseball game with you and Baby D and probably bring Jon along with me.
3. I think I'm starting to fall more in love with looking at puppy stuff than baby stuff. I know, betrayal right?

Rachelle Wardle said...

You are so cute Ruth. I love all of the pictures and definitely love the shorts. I just love your cute little family. Can we hangout soon?

Also we had a few spots open up on our Wasatch back ragnar team so let me know if you are interested. I would love to have you on our team and am confident you would be 100% ready after you run the half. ok think about it and have a great day!!

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