Thursday, April 07, 2011

Three Tangent Thursday

Tangent #1- I have a ridiculously awesomesauce job. I teach painting, sculpture, and drawing to high schoolers. I've done it for the last two years, but the last month since putting in my resignation has been the BEST because I am much more laid back and have stopped stressing out over every little minute detail. 

It will be strange to not be in the classroom come fall but I am SO excited to be a full-time stay at home mom and hang out all day with my Baby D! After we get back from Spring Break next week I will have 6 weeks of teaching left.... I may not always be an Art Teacher but I will always be an Artist and a Teacher.

Tangent #2-I am OBSESSED with a lot of things, namely frozen Gogurt and Granny's Delight Sprouted Wheat Bread. Give me a freezerful of Gogurt and a loaf of Granny's and I am in heaven (although I can't guarantee it will last long!). Also on my list of obsessions? Having photos on my blog and of course taking photos of my Baby D (if you don't like him, you probably shouldn't be reading this blog!) and Getting a workout in. I won't go to bed unless I get SOME kind of workout in....running, elliptical, yoga, pilates, strength, ANYTHING to get my heart pounding. :) [Okay except for step aerobic classes... I can't STAND those classes!] Even on my "rest" days (usually Sunday) I will still go on walks with Baby D strapped in front of me (strength training, right??). If you're interested on what I'm doing this week in the way of workouts, you can check out my "Run" tab or click here. Just trying to get myself into swimsuit/racing form like I was pre-Baby D... And yes, those guns are legal :) barely.
Tangent #3-SPRING BREAK IS NEXT WEEK! One of the fabulous perks of working for The Man. Baby D and I are headed Friday afternoon to the 614 to see my parents and brother for the week. Too bad packing "pre-Baby D" was trying to figure out how many pairs of shoes I could fit into my luggage without going over the 50 pound weight limit. With Baby D in tow (and flying solo with him for the first time!), I am planning on fitting as much of his gear as I can in my suitcase. All I plan on bringing for myself would be the clothes on my back, running shoes & clothes, my BOB, and laptop. Wish me luck/any advice for flying with infant in arms?????


You know it MUST be spring (contrary to the snowy Utah weather) when everyone's doing giveaways on their blog! I need to jump on the bandwagon and do one... maybe when I get a good idea of cool stuff to giveaway.

Here are some awesome ones you should go enter now!
Janae at HungryRunnerGirl is giving away some of the cutest ModBod Tee's
Megan at MuncherCruncher is giving away a sweet playlist I am DYING to get my grubby little hands on.
Julia at Pain Pride Perserverance is having her FIRST giveaway with a bunch of awesome goodies.
Sari at A Little Sass is having another one of her ceramic giveaways... cute mugs this time!!
Stefanie at RUN ON!  wants to make it to 100 followers... and is giving away a Forever21 gift card when she does!


Julia said...

LOVE that race photo. so awesome. Thanks for the shout out about my giveaway!! YOU ROCK! it is really fun and exciting :)

I think that its awesome that you are an art teacher...I had no idea :) I bet that is so much fun and very rewarding although it will be even more rewarding to spend so much time with your son :)

Rachelle Wardle said...

I love this post baby D is so dang cute. That is so awesome you are an artist and an art teacher. I absolutely love art and wish I were more naturally talented at it.

Good luck flying with a baby by yourself. We took my nephew when he was 6 months and he did great. (we had 5 adults). My only suggestion is to do the bottle thing on take off so his ears don't get plugged.

Enjoy your trip and your time off!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about the pressure being lifted off with the resignation in. I put mine in a few months ago (I'm going back to school) and almost all the school troubles (for lack of a better word) have gone away.

Yay for Spring Break! (Ours is one week after yours and then we have 6 more weeks just like you.)

Diet Coke and a Lemon said...

Baby D is too cute!!!

Lauren said...

okay - I flew alone with blair and here's my advice... simplify simplify. If you don't have to take your laptop, don't.

Unless your mom has an extra carseat, you'll be taking yours. If your carseat fits into your stroller, or you're just checking it without carting it between flights, even better.

take your stroller with you to the gate and gate check it. (and cross your fingers they'll be kind) do you have a bag to put it in? you might think it'd be easier to carry baby to the plane and in between, but it isn't! strap him in.

I was able to attach my diaper bag to the stroller so once I was all hooked up, I was totally hands-free. (baby in carseat, carseat on stroller, bag on stroller, drink in drinkholder, golden!)

the tricky part is getting on the plane... luckily you can pre-board. Ask the people when you're first printing your tickets if there is an extra seat on the plane and if they can put you next to it. (I was able to carry my carseat on the plane and put it in the empty seat. even though blair was only asleep in it for a short period, it gave me an extra seat so I didn't have to sit by someone)

having a bit of extra room allows you to unload all your gear on that seat instead of having to contain everything on your lap. your lap will suddenly feel smaller than ever and it's a bit claustrophobic! if you have the extra seat you won't have to keep bending over to put things back in your diaper bag (and hope your bag doesn't tip and all your goodies, cell, wallet, go flying down the aisle)

I was able to temper water for a bottle by filling up one bottle with hot water (coffee pot in terminal) and putting some ice cubes in it. Blair was smaller and needed warm milk. You can also get hot water and ice from the stuardess. baby will need to be sucking or drinking during takeoff/landing. I watched blair like a hawk to make sure she wasn't experiencing discomfort. scary.

don't worry about packing a book or magazine in carry on, you won't be doing anything but entertaining your baby the whole day.

oh, and the last thing... at the security checkpoint... you'll be taking off your shoes, your belt, your jewelry, coat.... and THEN, the baby's shoes to boot! (no pun intended)

this was the worst part. you have to pull out all your little ziploc baggies and divide it all up on the trays, then fold the stroller and hurl it up there? Forget it!! the girl behind me (after watching me struggle with carseat, stroller, bags, makeup bags, shoes, and THEN hold the baby while it was all on the belt) said, "oh, my stroller won't fit on the conveyer belt" They let her wheel her stroller through and then just scanned it. TRY THAT FIRST!

novel is over! good luck. You'll figure it out!

ashley & sundance said...

Baby D is adorable. You and your hubby make super cute babies! :)

and you look WAY buff in your race pic, not like scary gross buff, just lean-mean running machine buff.

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