Monday, April 11, 2011

Running in the rain and OH the DRAMA that now accompanies postbaby swimsuit shopping

Okay, so to start off the day on a FABULOUS note, I had an INCREDIBLE run today.
Incredible in that:
1) It was raining... who doesn't love running in a good rainstorm??
2) I am in OHIO and it is SOOOO green. I mean, you THINK you know what green is, but I swear every time I come back to Utah after being in Ohio during the Spring/Summer, I feel like I just walked from a full color movie into a grainy black and white comic.
3) During my run, I discovered some incredible new bike trails... where were those when I lived here?! Oh, right, not built yet.
4) I had an itty bitty turtle and then a rabbit cross my path all within about a minute of each other...whaaat?! Bible. Times like that I wish I had a camera on my ipod. Or just a camera. :)
5) I had FREE babysitting courtesy of my mother dearest, so I was able to go, guilt-free on an outdoor run for the first time since... okay, Saturday, when Bananas came running with me and DK joined the craziness on his bike. My favorite quote from him (after he was about a mile ahead of us, of course): "I thought you guys said you were going to be running, not jogging!" Yeah, we got cracked on by our 12 year old brother for being too slow. Awesome.
PS my true inspiration for growing my hair out? I secretly would LOVE to be someday mistaken for Kara Goucher, new mommy and goddess/rockstar of running extrordinaire. Yeah, I'm working on those muscles....
So after all those endorphins building up inside of me for an hour, I went out and decided to do something crazy... I was going to get a swimsuit. As in, I WAS GOING TO TRY ONE ON.

If you are faint of heart, at risk for heart palpitations, likely to become nauseous or oblivious in any way as to what childmaking/birth does to your body DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT read/glance on. Come back tomorrow for something...not quite so heavy as what I'm going to tangent on tonight.

Are you ready for this? Allow me to preface this post by saying HAVING A BABY IS TOTALLY WORTH IT, okay?? I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea that I have any sort of second thoughts about my little Baby D because I know I am SO lucky to have him, he is perfect and I love him to a million billion pieces and would never ever trade him for all the sexy hollywood-bikini bodies in California... I got pregnant once and I would do it at least one more time (or so I keep telling myself) because it is COMPLETELY worth the bodily sacrifice.

For those of you who have never had a baby before, SOMETHING NOBODY EVER TELLS YOU is enjoy the time you can rock a bikini BEFORE having kids, because once you have a baby (and are an idiot and gain 50 pounds like I did...but that is what happens when you give in to all of your chocolate shake and/or cupcake cravings) your stretched out and saggy skin will never be the same again. Sad? Yes. But I am telling you the truth here, people. Now would I post the most terrible (but brutally honest) picture of me just hours after my c-section if I didn't want you to know the truth, and admit to you that YES, you still look about 7 months pregnant after having a baby, and NO actually I did not lose weight at the hospital.. I GAINED WEIGHT!!! 
I always wondered what girls looked like immediately post-baby. I'm sure it terrified Bananas initially (who also was there during the entire labor process with them checking my you know what every hour or so... I'm pretty sure I have scarred her for life). Yup, you better believe there is NO baby in there... just some terribly sad, misshapen skin. Gosh, I hope you can't search this kind of thing on the internet. 

I know, now that you are done gasping for breath at this shock of information, let me just re-assure you that after about two weeks, I finally lost about 20 pounds (from the lack of cupcake-flow, as well as breast-feeding, to be sure) and yes, I did eventually lose "the baby weight" with a LOT of hard work. But NOTHING could have possibly prepared me for the SHOCK of seeing my post-baby body (in all its flourescent-ness) in a Bikini for the first time. I would be lying if I said tears were not shed. I guess I thought I would be that ONE exception who could still pull off baring serious midriff without a tummy tuck.

So after countless stores and yet even more countless trips to the dressing rooms with literally dozens of suits (the associates are certainly much nicer in allowing you to break that "5-garment limit" when you look like you are going to cry and start mumbling about post-baby body).

More or less... here's what I ended up with. The style, not necessarily the colors (I mismatched the two colors I was considering so Mr. D can still act a little surprised when he sees the suit). Don't worry, I covered up my 4-inch C-section scar just for you. Haha can you tell I'm not nursing/pumping anymore?? I think my chest is about as big as it was BEFORE I hit puberty. Again, the joys of motherhood. :) And yes of course, that is just about as much as I can suck it in at the moment. I still have two months to perfect not breathing while in a swimsuit.
Ohmigosh calm down I am KIDDING. Like I've said before, I am NOT one of those girls who will go fishing for compliments when I know I look good (and have spent hundreds of hardworking hours getting to this point so please be nice and don't tell me otherwise), mostly because I keep looking back to how I looked last summer.... yeesh.
Sexy, right?? Well, I am certainly hoping that with the enormity in length of this post, not too many people will actually read this whole thing and see those last two pics :) But I am very excited to finally be back in a bathing suit that doesn't have "room to grow", and if you can't tell I finally figured out how to upload cell phone pics to my computer (welcome to 2001, I know).

Also, THESE SHOES I just can't get out of my mind (never mind the fact that 99.9% of my life I am either walking, running, or carrying around a 20 pound load of Baby D and they are SO impractical!)... thoughts??

And lastly, I suppose I should leave you with some eye candy in hopes of getting those "brutally honest" images de-burned out of your brain... (in my defense, you were forewarned).
I love my handsome men!!! and am now ready (for the most part) to spend many hours basking in the sun (covered head to toe in SPF 50 of course) and playing in Uncle Chris' pool with them!
Spring Break Day 1=Success.
Summer here I come!


Stefanie D. said...

You are just awesome. AND YOU LOOK SO GREAT!! So I think we pretty much share the same thoughts about the post-baby body. Holy moly. I SERIOUSLY took my pre-baby body for granted. I think about that all the time now. I can't even believe that I used to be unhappy with myself pre-baby, because now, I will probably NEVER have those same lovely tight abs that I used to. Granted, I could get pretty close...but I'm pretty sure all of that stretching that went on over the last half of my pregnancy kind of ruined that area in general. Stretch marks??? You betcha sista'. This is sersiously funny, because I was thinking about doing a "things people never tell you when you have a baby" type post. Ha. Great minds think alike!!

Oh. P.S. I just happen to be having the same "chest problem" you are. Husband went from thinking, "WHOA, pregnancy is AWESOME!" to, "Whoa....what happened to those??". Hahahaha.

Muncher Cruncher said...

Girl you are looking AWESOME. You should be so incredibly proud of yourself, because I am DANG proud of you! I think it must be so hard to have to go through that transformation, and to try and keep at it when it comes to getting back to where you want to be.
You have the cutest lil' fam! love it :) xoxoxo

Missy said...

You look great! No worries in the bathing suit department! BTW love your new banner!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Girl first of all you look amazing. Like seriously, look at your arms! They are perfection and the best thing about you is you are beautiful inside and out.

Second please get the shoes!! OMG I love me a good pair of high heels. Buy them immediately you deserve them. :)

sarah said...

umm.. you're perfect. and skinny. so i don't understand this post at all. cute shoes though!

Rochelle said...

you look amazing in that swimsuit! No lie, you look so good!!
I totally know what you mean - I tried on a bathing suit I had before I got married - a two piece string bikini - and even after losing 55 lbs - I LOOK horrible in it. Dang stretch marks that look like a road map and saggy skin! I hate it..and my boobs are still bf - so I look like a freaking hooker - and after I'm done...they just go straight to the floor instead of staying up. My husband reminding me this time around "Oh I forgot what your boobs used to look like before you had kids - I think you should bf always..." I don't understand why he doesn't like having them disappear under my arms when I lay down??? I totally am TMI-ing right now. Sorry!

Anyway lesson is you look great, kids are worth it, and if I ever have a daughter I will let her dress like a hooker so she can get the most out of her pre-baby body...LOL Totally kidding!

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