Friday, April 15, 2011

The rest of our Spring Break in C-bus

After many long hours pondering what we were going to do the last few days in Ohio...
Baby D convinced me that the weather was too nice not to do a lot of running...
while he hung out with Uncle DK (and Mama Astrid),
 got some kron family indoctrination, Steve and Joe style... because they're WHO'S CLUES??
got into a LOT of trouble....
 Hung out with (second) cousin, BAP! (who adores his "baby D")
 And of course fighting with Cousin Faith (only 6 weeks older than him)
over rights to my leg :)
 Go ahead and say it... BABIES EVERYWHERE!
 Unfortunately, I think this trip has Baby D thinking there are actually toys that exist outside of the tennis balls and Kleenex boxes we usually give him to play with... this could pose a problem.
Carrera Primas and their babies :) HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY, Cousin Biby!!
On another (semi-related but not really) note, the past few weeks I have been a... well, I suppose the proper word would be BLOGAHOLIC. I was spending so much time blogging daily and reading/stalking/commenting on other people's blogs (which I ADORE reading, by the way!) and it was exhausting me! How do people do it? So I think for the time being I will go back to regular blogging/stalking twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday) in addition to any big events of course.

Wow the past week sure has flown by!

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anna. said...

aww. <3 carrera girls.

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