Tuesday, April 26, 2011


yup, it is true. I am joining the post-holiday-sugar-coma-anonymous club (with Rachelle and Stefanie) going on a "sugar fast" (I'm calling it that because I don't like the phrase "sugar-free"...I cannot stand the thought of eating nasty artificial sweeteners) and probably not for the same reason most people are doing it.

I'm not looking to lose weight or gain some sort of karma-like control over my cravings (although if that happens, I will happily accept it!)... no, I NEED this sugar fast because I NEED my energy back!! More often than not I do not plan my meals and snacks and go for the fastest calorie-filled thing I can toss in my mouth... which is usually something with refined sugars. Then I sugar crash and end up taking just as many naps as my 9 month old (NOT cool when I have stuff to do!). This weekend I realized: this has GOT to stop. It made me wonder WHY I am doing this to myself??

1) I know refined sugars make me lathargic. And I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!So I'm finally putting my money where my mouth is. And,
2) I cringe at the very thought of giving Baby D refined sugar... so why would I inhale it like it's fresh oxygen 24/7?? I need to be a better example.

I am making the commitment today, that for the next 7 days,
I will abstain from:
(mostly stuff that has SUGAR or some variant listed as the primary/secondary ingredient)
*ALL Candy (specifically starburst jellybeans)
*ALL Chocolate, cookies, cakes, pastries (specifically Swiss Rolls)
*ALL white/refined carbs, pasta, cereal, etc.
*ALL soda (oh wait... I don't drink soda)

Don't you worry, I will still eat PLENTY of sugar...only it will be primarily from fruit instead of Fruit Loops. :) You better believe we will be having LOTS of fruit smoothies in the next week!

You heard it here first. And to make myself accountable, since I was already planning on doing my very FIRST giveaway during the last week of school (May 30th, mark your calendars!), I will add to my (otherwise top-secret) giveaway $1 in cash for every follower I have (34 as of today) for each time I break my anti-sugar-ness over the next week. Long-term, I would LOVE to do this for a month, but since I am someone who can live off of Swiss Rolls for the rest of my life (if given the opportunity), we're starting with SEVEN DAYS. I can do anything for seven days! Right? Baby steps. Speaking of baby steps...
eeek! my half marathon is only WEEKS away and I have YET to do a run more than 6 miles :( This pic was from my last half marathon, Spanish Fork Half back in fall 2009... here's to hoping I look half this happy crossing the finish line at the UV half in 45 DAYS!!!!

I am also secretly hoping that this Sugar Fast will help me run faster???

Am I crazy? We shall see.
I've gone almost a whole 18 hours without sugar so far...Let the Sugar Fast begin!
Anyone else game for joining me?? Everyone's doing it....


Rachelle Wardle said...

Yay!! I am so excited for you. It really is going to be HARD but we can do it and it will feel so great to accomplish something so hard.

I definitely think it will make you faster. :) and you will totally be ready for the UV marathon. I am so excited for that day I can hardly stand it. So many amazing people all running together the same day. Yay!! Have a great day Ruth.

cassidy Merrill said...

Nope! Sorry I love candy too much! Good luck though! Hahah I feel candy makes me a faster runner and more energy! I just need to get off soda! You are amazing

Rochelle said...

You go girl!!! I see all you guys doing the sugar fast and I'll be rooting for you. I'll do my own version of -eating healthy- fast...LOL

And I hope it makes you run faster too!

Julia said...

woo hoo!! way to go! I will be totally pulling for you but the fact that everyone is doing this actually just makes me more anxious...not more excited to do it. haha!

I am SO excited for Utah Valley...it will be SO great to be running with so many awesome friends that day. You will do fine. And I LOVE that pic of you...so fun! I know you will do great in this race!

Hope you are doing well!! Miss you!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Yay! I'm doing this too but am finding it tough. I actually don't miss the candy too much--maybe because hubs is being thoughtful and not eating it in front of me!
You'll do great at Utah Valley!

sarah said...

45 days and 2 minutes until your half marathon...does that mean its at 6 o'clock at night?!

Have Your Way said...

Hey Girl!!! You know what...I think I am going to do this with ya!!! I can help keep you accountable-via blogs :)

Missy said...

Good luck on the sugar fast and you better get to running girl! Log those miles!

Rachael said...

I was eating fruit snacks as I read this and thought, hmm, I like these fruit snacks too much right now to join in. But maybe next week when I run out of fruit snacks.

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

I did a cleanse myself...you're going to like it afterwards. Was hard in the beginning though...(I ate A LOT of sugar!)...I a new follower so your number is going up!! Looking forward to reading!

Laura said...

Ruth!! I stopped eating refined sugar Monday! Easter really got me and I decided I can't handle it anymore. Loved this post

Stefanie D. said...

YAY! I am so glad you jumped on the train!! I am sending you happy sugar fast vibes right now. So we should totally meet up at the UV Half. Done.

I actually still have Easter candy lingering in my house, as well as many other treats. I'm weird though...if it's in my cuboard, I likely won't eat it. But, if I see it in the store, I'm like, "OMG I NEED TO EAT THAT!". I may have some kind of problem with impulse control.

A Little Sass said...

I'm in! No candy or desserts! I will try anything to run faster. Ugh ... you talking about the race only being weeks away just made me want to throw up! I am SO nervous! Here is to 7 days NO sugar!

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