Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday [5] Favorites: Quotes, Pilates, Documentaries, oh my!

Here they are, in no particular order, 5 things I have loved this week:
1. These guys....
2. Quote from Justin of the Biggest Loser
that's been on my mind all week for some reason (did I mention I got to do Biggest Loser Yoga while watching the Biggest Loser this week??? Thanks to my AWESOME sisters for getting it for me like 2 years ago!):
"There are only three reasons someone gets out of bed in the morning:
1. Debt (work)
2. Family
3. A fire in your belly."
Up until a few short months ago, teaching art WAS the fire in my belly. Probably because with a baby in your belly, it limits doing much else :)

A few weeks ago I found this saved as a blogpost draft from December 1, 2009:
"Letter to my 25 year old self... TO BE POSTED DEC 31st! [whoops, dropped the ball on that one]
Dear Me,
Hopefully this time next year you will be less sick, crabby, crampy, sore, and tired than right now. There are so many new things going on with school and such, but you are probably at this point a little more well-versed in what works and what doesn't. Whatever happens or doesn't happen in the next year, remember that you are blessed with an amazing and wonderful network of family and friends who love you so very much. They are a big part of the journey you are going through, especially assuming you have not yet moved to the middle of nowhere for a job for Mr. D., they are still around you. You will be older but hopefully not too much fatter than you are now (if you are, get your butt into gear!!) and most of all, I hope you are happy. I hope you still feel fulfilled as a teacher, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. And if you are not happy with life, FIX IT.
Love, Mrs. D."
Running is now the new fire in my belly.
I'm obsessed.
And I love it.
3. Gotta love trying out a new Pilates DVD.
When I was in the best shape of my life two years ago, I was going to Liz's yoga and spin classes and Allison's Pilates classes on a weekly basis. Those girls are thebombdotcom. I finally got my copy of this DVD tonight after putting Baby D to bed and packing.... and even though I was already in my Pirates of the Carribbean pajamas (jealous??) and had knocked out my workout for the day, I went ahead and did the total body 60-minute workout. It kicked my trash!!

I don't know about you, but my running is SO much easier (and pain-free) when my abs are in proper working order... kind of hard when they're still torn apart....thank you Baby D :( But I'm working to push that fat into flat and I will take Pilates over crunches any day of the week.

And yes it is cool to babyproof your new TV your hubby just won (thank you, NCAA tourney and Uncle Chris!) by putting the carseat, a storage bin and exercise ball in front of it.

"Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going."
Thank you, Jillian Michaels.
And yes, I am aware I need a new camera that is not PhotoBooth. Sorry for the quality!
4. The BEST documentary of 2011 (2010's was Anna's of course) and watching it with these babes....
5. Baby D's crawl.
It is seriously hysterical. He keeps one leg up the entire time so he can sit at any given moment.... what a funny kid. He's just learned how to (GASP) do stairs. (!)
FREAKING OUT since in a few short hours, Baby D and I will be flying on our way to the 614... 
...hopefully Kevs and Mr. D will survive a week without us!


Rachael said...

His crawl is so cute! My niece Katie actually crawled like that but it was more so that she didn't strangle herself with her dresses. Using both knees she would pull it down, so she started doing it this way instead.

Kiley said...

Thanks for the comment! And I love how you protected the tv from your son...we had to do something like that too.

Stefanie D. said...

SHUT UP! You did not go to Liz and Allison's classes!!! I WAS A REGULAR FOR-EV-ERRRRR. How have I not met you before now????? I have been doing pojo pilates DVD all freaking week! Wow. Crazy town. So we should have a pilates/stroller date. Yep!

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